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In 2001, a shocking 14 years ago now, the world was blessed with the comedy stylings of Broken Lizard's cult classic Super Troopers. Fans of the movie first got wind of a prequel back in 2006, which was later switched to a sequel in 2009.

After multiple drafts of the movie, Broken Lizard was given permission from the studio to make the movie, but only if they could find the money themselves. A tricky situation for some, but for this comedic group it was hardly a challenge.

Earlier this year, the gang posted an Indiegogo campaign to earn the necessary funds through crowdsourcing, asking for two million dollars from their fans. In just 26 hours they met their goal, and have since become the fifth largest successfully completed project on the site.

In an effort to prove that the money they have been given is being well-spent, the cast has been sharing pictures of themselves working behind-the-scenes since filming commenced this past week, and it's getting us all the more excited to see the gang back together again.

Even though we have to wait until 2016 for the sequel to actually be released, we can still enjoy some on-set photos right meow!

There's still no official plot summary or release date for Super Troopers 2, but it's rumored to take place just a few months after the original and somewhere along the Canadian border. That hopefully means more maple syrup chugging competitions and Dimpus Burger stops.

Liters of cola all around to celebrate!

(Source: Instagram, Twitter, Uproxx)


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