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In recent years Aquaman has been the subject of numerous memes and jokes across both television and the Internet. Mainly playing on the idea that Aquaman is essentially useless as a superhero unless he is in water. Anyone who is familiar with Aquaman in the comics knows that this is far from the case. The New 52 version of Aquaman is a primary example of this, where the character completely defies the media perception and is a true badass. The man cast as Aquaman in the DCEU, Jason Momoa, is reading the New 52 in research for the role and this could lead to great things!

Jason Momoa is reading the New 52 as research!

I have expected from the get-go that Jason Momoa's Aquaman would borrow heavily from that of the New 52's. Aquaman has always been a godlike character and the New 52 version, specifically Geoff Johns' run, has been absolutely outstanding and something I definitely think Momoa should take notes from.

During a panel at Dallas Comic Con, Momoa mentioned that he had read Johns' Aquaman run to help him prepare for the role. "So, there’s not really a lot of spoilers I can give away," Momoa told the panel. "But the research I’ve done on the New 52 stuff with Geoff Johns, and just researching who he is, he’s amazing." Momoa also cited Aquaman's strength and toughness as reasons why he's looking forward to playing the underwater superhero. He also mentioned that WB/DC had a "big beautiful map" for the DC Cinematic Universe that he wished he could share with fans.-

The run that Geoff Johns had with writing Aquaman re-established Aquaman as one of the premier heroes that DC has to offer. It went more in depth with a grittier look into the character's life and past, including the '7 Relics of Atlantis.'

Jason Momoa warns of "new things" with his Aquaman character?

While he did cite that John's New 52 run may have some influence on his version of Aquaman, he warns fans to expect "new things" from the DCEU Aquaman. Obviously the cinematic version will vary a bit from the comics but what "new things" is he talking about? I think he means that he will be bringing a new, darker side to the character. Think about a mix of the New 52 Aquaman and Khal Drogo. I am really looking forward to Jason Momoa's Aquaman as it will be a refreshing twist on the character. I think he will be totally badass and unite all the haters, proving them wrong.


Are you excited for Jason Momoa's Aquaman?


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