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Spoiler Alert

So for those who watched episode 3 of The Walking Dead, you know about the death of Glenn, but is he really dead? Lets find out.

1. The scene

The highlight of the whole episode and even the season (so far) was the suicide of Nicholas and the "death" of Glenn. If you remember in this scene after the two fall down, it appears that Nicholas actually fell on top of Glenn. Take a look.

So as you can see it's a high possibility that Glenn isn't actually the one dying. It could very well be Nicholas.

2. The Blood

Next we have the blood. In previous episodes we've seen that if you actually cover yourself in blood from a walker, the real walkers will just ignore you thinking you're one of them, Just lke Carol did in season 5 for example. Could this be what happens to Glenn? Could the blood from Nicholas cover up Glenn as a camouflage? It's a very high possibility and one that I hope is true.

3. Talking Dead

Finally we have Talking Dead, a show where they discuss the events of the episode they just watched, and if you notice, Glenn wasn't on his episode. Weird right? You would think that a character as important as Glenn would be there to discuss his final moments much like Tyrese and Noah did. Not to mention he wasn't even in the memorial from that episode. Could it be that he wasn't there simply because.. he's not dead at all?

What do you think?


Is Glenn really dead?


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