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RWBY is back!

Yes. Rooster Teeth's successful animated series started up it's third season, or as they call it volume 3, over the weekend. You can watch over at their website right now. And now let's discuss the episode. Spoilers!

Happy Vytal Festival!

The episode begins with Ruby talking to her mother's grave. She recaps pretty much everything that happened in the first two volumes. It is quick and well done. Ruby also talks about her dad, we get to see him! But we will get him later. And now, on to the festival!

The show quickly jumps to a fight between team RWBY and a team from Haven. Of course, RWBY won, but they did it with fashion. Weiss did a lot of heaving lifting, and I am not kidding. She used dust to make a fist out of ice and almost rolled two of her competitors out of the ring. It didn't work, but it was great. Yang and Blake also did a lot. Ruby helped, but she really wasn't part of the main focus.

The team goes to grab some celebration grub, but they run into Emerald, the E in team CRME. (Side note: is there a new name for them since Roman is in jail?) Emerald makes small talk and gets Ruby to reveal who is moving on to the next round, Weiss and Yang. Or as Emerald tells Mercury, the heiress and the bimbo. During the conversation with Ruby, Emerald describes her teams own fight. There is a small flashback, but we do see that Neo, the ice cream colored woman, is on the fourth member, along with Cinder and Mercury (Where does Neo fit in the naming process?). Weiss also ignores a call from her father.

Weiss offers to pay for lunch, as she says a think you for sending her on to the next round. However, her card gets declined and Blake's bowl of noddles and fish gets taken away. Weiss's father probably didn't like going to voicemail. But have no fear, Pyrrha and team JNPR shows up and saves the day.

Nora goes on an amazing rant about how they are prepared to fight in their upcoming match. The rant even goes into what would happen if they lose. Including changing their team name to team Losers. It really is the funniest bit in the episode.

Back at the arena, team RWBY is taking their seats and so are tam CRME. Yang paid a little bit of attention to Mercury and Emerald. Is she cluing in that thy are up to no good? Mercury and Emerald reveal they know who is going to win the fight between team JNPR and another team that I don't know the name of. But as Cinder points out it will still be fun to watch.

And that is where the episode ends. JNPR is about to start their fight. Team CRME is up to no good. Weiss has family issues. And Yang has something up her sleeve.

RWBY Family Tree Update

In the new opening, we see Yang's and Ruby's parents. We see Qrow. And we even get to see Weiss's sister, Winter.

Summer Rose, Taiyang Xiao Long, Raven Branwen, Qrow
Summer Rose, Taiyang Xiao Long, Raven Branwen, Qrow

Ruby looks a lot like her mother when she was younger. Yang gets her hair color from her father. And their uncle looks badass. And who could forget Raven, the mysterious woman who showed up during after the credits in the volume 2 finale.

Winter Schnee
Winter Schnee

Winter looks a whole lot like her sister. And judging by how Weiss reacted to the call by her dad, Weiss probably won't be happy to see her.

Judging by how much we see of Winter and Qrow in the opening, we will likely see them show up sometime during he year. And I can't wait.

This year should be fun! Join me next week for episode 2!

What did you think about the RWBY premiere?


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