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It's been about three months since Batman: Arkham Knight was released to critical acclaim, but lukewarm audience reactions. The PC port fiasco did no favors to the game, that story is still going strong as Rocksteady and Warner Bros. have seemingly and finally resolved the issues and Batman : Arkham Knight will finally arrive on the PC for the master race.

But, I don't want to talk about that, there are tons of better articles already out there on that fiasco. However, what I will be typing about is one of our antagonists. The Arkham Knight. The reveal of this character was met with a 50-50 reaction, I personally thought it was a great take on a classic Batman story. (Which one? I won't tell.)

For people who've played this game, let's keep the surprise factor for people who haven't played it yet.

For die-hard Batman fans, like me who saw this coming a mile away, let's keep our mouths shut as well, and appreciate the twist Rocksteady delivered in the Knight's identity.

And for the smart people, this article will definitely tell you who the Arkham Knight is NOT, so you'll probably figure it out yourself, because you're a genius. Pat yourself on the back, seriously, do it.

The Arkham Knight  knows a lot about Batman.
The Arkham Knight knows a lot about Batman.

The Arkham Knight was marketed as a foe who seemingly knows all about Batman. This write up is a series of scenarios I had thought of involving the Knight's identity before the release of this game.



Also know as Jean Paul Valley, an ex-cop and a member of the 'Order of St.Dumas', they are a group very similar to 'The League of Assassins' extinguishing threats from cities one by one.

Now Azrael did surface in the game before this one, Arkham City in 2011, he foretold that dark days are coming to Gotham. Guess what, dark days did come, Azrael's role was rather limited in the game. Where in we find out that he's been tasked to kill Batman. See all good so far, wouldn't that story line be much more impactful if Azrael were the Arkham Knight? Plus he has studied Batman, and is willing to follow his ways to take up the mantle. Why not do it as the knight?



At first he gained popularity for being the inception to a knockoff character of a different comics company. Then during Arkham Origins, Slade Wilson's stock skyrocketed. I think it was the first time we got to see how powerful this guy is.

He is Batman's equal physically and matches up with him pretty solidly mentally as well, and he uses guns just like the Arkham Knight. The best part of Arkham Origins was the boss fights. If Deathstroke was indeed the knight, at least there could've been the opportunity to squeeze out an epic showdown, as the fight with the actual Knight is quite a letdown.

Ra's - Al - Ghul

The Demon's Head. Ra's.
The Demon's Head. Ra's.

The head of the demon. Literally.

Fun fact, it's not pronounced 'Raish Al Ghul' it's like the name is spelled. How do I know? I studied Arabic. Boom.

There's some knowledge for you.

Ra's Al Ghul was included in Arkham City much to my delight, and ended up being the head honcho for the whole thing. That's the brilliance of this character, he demands grandeur. Ra's was killed during the events in Arkham City, but his body disappeared. Never to be seen again.

Ra's had also found out who Batman was thanks to Hugo Strange, he's already Batman's physical equal, hell in one of the renditions of this character he friggin' trains the Batman.

This guy has the Lazarus pit at his hand, what if he took yet another dip in it?

If this article is accomplishing anything, it's that Rocksteady left a few loose ends. Seriously, I want to know what happened to Ra's body!



Now the obvious reasons are obvious. He can shapeshift and change the pitch of his voice.

Umm, so become Batman and soil his reputation, kill? Maim? Murder people?

But that's the obvious reason Clayface could've been the Arkham Knight. The not so obvious reason is ummm... he FELL IN THE LAZARUS PITS. If it can de-age Ra's Al Ghul, imagine what effect they can have on a monster who can shapeshift. This was an opportunity to do so much going forward, shapeshifing Arkham Knight? Maybe you fight him multiple times throughout the game and each rendition of him is different? More skilled in a certain martial art.

It would've been like the exquisite Mr.Freeze fight in Arkham City, but throughout the whole game.


He doesn't say shhh.
He doesn't say shhh.

This is my favorite. I think the most powerful and fitting story of ending this saga was that you play the whole game with your identity exposed via Hush. You know, since he grafted Bruce Wayne's face onto his.

Hush, in the comics, is a genius he deduces Batman's identity, but never uses it to his advantage, he's physically equal to Bats as well.

Another cool usage of Hush would've been that you start out playing the game as Batman. But you, as Batman, kill. Shocking us, the player. As you progress through the game, the Arkham Knight gets closer and closer to beating you, and boom near the end the big reveal shows that the Knight is Bruce Wayne. You've been playing as Hush this whole time.

A story like that could require some intense backstory and viral marketing. It's just a bit annoying what happened to Hush in the Arkham Knight, his awesome, awesome appearance in Arkham City was kind of pointless and left a bad taste in Arkham Knight.

Thanks for reading fellow co-pilots, remember to love yourselves.


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