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It's been a crazy week for all Star Wars fans and fans just getting into the franchise with the new trailer popping out last week. We were all cheering and applauding as it concluded and rushing to play it again once more to see what we missed. In today's age right after a trailer you are going to have many fan theories flying around some more far fetched than the other but all are for the love of the film. We were treated to just that after the third trailer premiered everything from Chewbacca robotic arm most people think he has to the now infamous Luke Skywalker is actually Kylo Ren. I know the latter has been the main theory flying in and out of forums but its one i don't agree with at all. It's pretty hard for me to come to understand how Luke Skywalker could turn to the dark side after everything that happened but that doesn't mean hes entirely good.

I will get back to the Luke not being entirely good later but first i would like to point out exactly what Luke's role might be in The Force Awakens. If were going to continue with me and dive into my theory you must first know that Rey is possibly Han and Leia's daughter but more on that later. We all know that Finn will be wielding the lightsaber that was Lukes but right before it came into the hands of Luke it was Anakins or better yet Darth Vader! In the trailer we are given a bit of insight as to why Kylo Ren is doing whatever he is doing and that's because he looks up to Darth Vader himself. It would make a lot of sense for Kylo Ren to want to possess the lightsaber that belonged to Vader at a point.

I strongly believe the movie will mainly be trying to find Luke and who exactly will be looking for him? The most obvious answer is Finn, Rey, and Han in an effort to bring down Kylo Ren but i also believe Kylo will be on his own quest to find Luke to prevent this. Okay this is where things will get a little weird and you might be like what the heck is going but keep your seat belt on because it might get crazy. If my theory is correct than Luke might be hesitant to get involved at all with anything between the two parties and why is that you might ask. The main reason for Luke is he doesn't want to hurt anyone close and dear to him by getting into this fiasco. How could he hurt anyone if its his niece and sister coming to ask for his aide you might ask. It would all be easy if it weren't for on thing holding Luke back and that's KYLO REN IS HIS SON!

I know you probably are thinking I'm an idiot and should just stop with anything else i have to say and to that i say hear me out. It's a pretty crazy idea i know but it makes more sense than Luke actually being Kylo Ren and here's why. We all know that Luke is in hiding for some reason which we wont know probably till the movie premieres. I think he's in hiding because his son went to the dark side and in an effort to bring him out of it he was severely injured hence why we haven't seen Luke in any of marketing. Kylo for some reason must have found out about Anakin and Luke's relationship and has vowed to finish what his grandfather started. Luke will have a real hard time deciding whether to help his sister and niece take down his only son or try and reason with him to come back to the light.

There you have it my theory on exactly what Luke's role is in Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. Make sure to sound off in the comments below and let me know what you think. Do you have another theory about Star Wars? Make sure to write about it!


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