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James Wood

As mentioned above, Melissa George delivers a sensational performance in Triangle, undoubtedly one of the most thought provoking, intelligent and incredible psychological thriller I've seen. Director Christopher Smith builds dread and uncertainty from the moment the characters set sail. I love the calm setting of the sun bouncing off the calm waters, that is until the storm sets and the weather takes a turn, as does the narrative into uncertain waters.

The story focuses on Jess, a single mother of one who goes on a sailing trip with her friends, only to have the trip take a turn for the worse as they are hit by an electric storm leaving them stranded. Eventually, as the storm passes, Jess and the group are saved by a passing Ocean-liner, but as they board the mysterious ship they find it's empty, and a shocking revelation sets in as Jess realises she is caught in a time-loop, and she is the only one to solve the never ending nightmare.

Movies that focus on time shifting narratives can irritate or sometimes impress. Denzel Washington's 2006 thriller Deja Vu seriously messed with time, to the point where heads spun and minds were baffled at the complexity. However, Triangle uses a looping effect, meaning characters are destined to repeat time over and over, much like Doug Liman's 2014 epic Edge of Tomorrow and Duncan Jones' Source Code. Only Jess realises what's going on and sets out to stop it. The events that follow are bloody, shocking and twisted, at one moment Jess stumbles upon a whole deck filled with dead bodies, there are at least 20 of them showing how the long the time loop has gone on for.

Melissa George is just perfect, to the point I can find no words or sentences to string together in order to amplify her performance. Put it simply her role here is one of my favourite performances in film. The supporting cast are terrific too, Liam Hemsworth and Rachel Carpani especially. Triangle feels like one of those films where everything you want to see in a film fits together perfectly.

This is a real head turner but it packs a satisfying yet dark payoff, with an outcome that makes you feel gutted for protagonist Jess. Beautifully shot with a dark atmosphere, this movie will send you on an unforgettable, twisting adventure that will leave you breathless and shocked. Easily one of my all time favourite movies, everything about it is exceptionally crafted and it will be years till something as amazing like this will come around.


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