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Even though Guillermo Del Toro's Crimson Peak recently opened to mixed reviews, true Gothic Romance fans are falling hell over heels in love with it. Anyone who loves classic Gothic romance will truly appreciate it for the wonderful homage to authors like Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Bronte and Mary Shelley that it is. Here are the 7 feels you'll experience while indulging in Crimson Peak.

At the very beginning, silently inside you're saying:

As the story is beautifully progressing and you're taking in all of the glorious set pieces:

Then they suddenly throw some serious gore at you:

but you love it!

You don't know whether to be hypnotized or scared by the incredible special effects:

All of that happens before the final act takes you through so many twists and turns you don't know if your heart can stand it:

And then the movie's over, the beautiful escapism is over and you're just not ready to let go:

come back!
come back!

Despite the mediocre reviews, I'm here to say that this rivals Pan's Labyrinth in it's greatness. So go see this movie now and experience your own glorious emotions!


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