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After last night's episode of The Walking Dead, fans were left questioning the fate of the loveable Glenn Rhee. After fighting off a hoard of walkers, both Glenn and Nicholas were trapped on top of a dumpster. Seeing no way out of this situation, Nicholas decided to shoot himself. While falling down, his lifeless corpse knocks Glenn off and both bodies fall into the mass of zombies. Viewers are left stunned as we watch Glenn being surrounded by the army of undead as they tear and bite away at both bodies.

Or so we are meant to believe! There was a key moment in last night's episode that indicates that Glenn is in fact alive.

During Michonne's heated confrontation with Heath, she says this rather intriguing piece of dialogue...

Have you ever had so much blood on you that you don't know if it's yours, a walkers or somebody else's?

It may not have seemed like it at the time, but this was foreshadowing at it's finest. Glenn was covered in what seemed like a sea of blood when we last saw him, could it have possibly been Nicholas's?

AMC have hinted at Glenn's death the past few episodes. They alluded to the fact that Maggie is pregnant, creating this air of certainty that Glenn must survive. They also hinted at it greatly this episode when Glenn called Rick a dumb-ass. To recap for fans, that is what Glenn said to Rick the first time they encountered, almost giving the duo a poetic farewell.

Glenn could have survived

While it looks highly unlikely that Glenn could have survived that fall, it is possible that Nicholas's body was on top of him. The last shot we see is of Glenn covered in blood (possibly Nicholas's) and then it cuts to high angle shot of the zombie mass. What we don't see is Glenn's body crawling away underneath the dumpster! Oh AMC you had us fooled.

It is highly unlikely that The Walking Dead would kill Glenn off in such a brutal and disrespectful fashion. Many major characters have died with their loved ones, or at least a member of the group, surrounding them. Hershel got to see his daughters before he died, Andrea said farewell to Michonne and Rick and Beth got to die in Daryl's arms, so I doubt they would kill the only married character without his wife nearby.

Do you think Glenn is dead? Sound off your comments below and I'll be sure to get back to you!


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