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As I watch Season 4 of CW's Arrow, I am starting to wonder something: why are people so defensive about Black Canary on the show? I'd like to take us back to the year 2008 when the movie X-Men Origins came about when we were unfortunately given one of the worst representations of a character with Deadpool or Barakapool as most people have come to call him.

Yeah, many hated this version of Deadpool including audiences who weren't comic book fans. I'm one of them, it complete betrayal to the source material and the fans who adore this character. Another example of a character done completely wrong comes from 2003's Daredevil and 2005's movie of her own: Elektra.

Yes believe it or not, this is supposed to be Elektra. The woman who in the comics was an assassin working for the Hand hired to kill Daredevil. In the movie she was a rich girl who mistook Daredevil as the murderer of her father. Oh and she's played by Jennifer Garner....yeah I try my best to forget this but I needed to remember for my point which I will get to soon. Let's go to 2007 with Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer which featured one of the biggest villains ever created Galactus.

Granted he is a hard character to do but what did Fox decide to do? MAKE HIM A FREAKING CLOUD! Yeah that won't be a slap in the face to fans at all will it? Oh and to add insult to injury, they added a fiery figure in the cloud that looks similar to Galactus.

To this I would like to raise a certain finger to the filmmakers and especially to the people who thought this would be a good idea to bring tot he big screen. Now let's go forward in time to this year's reboot of the same franchise with Fant4stic. This movie was a boring mess of a movie but the movie reaches terrible levels once we are introduced to "Doom." And I put that in quotations for a reason.

This is not Doom. This is some generic sci-fi villain that the Producers at Fox decided would bring edge to Fant4stic but instead both audiences and fans facepalmed because not only was his design hilariously bad but the writing for the character reached the levels of Barakapool.

Okay so keep those in mind, now let's go to CW's Arrow where the hero Black Canary is being portrayed in live action for the first time. Black Canary is a great character from the comics: a detective by the name of Dinah Lance, daughter of Richard Drake who married a man named Larry Lance. She is a metahuman with the ability to unleash a supersonic cry known as the Canary Cry. She's a fun loving and awesome character.

That hair is TOTALLY NOT fake.
That hair is TOTALLY NOT fake.

With that in mind, how do you go from that to the daughters of a detective; one being a League of Assassins member and the other being a district attorney? Yeah, this character is absolutely nothing like the source material (I know they gave her a Canary Cry but they still ruined her), the writing is awful for her, and in my opinion both characters are the worst things about the show. So why is that people defend "Canary" but completely bash "Doom" or Barakapool? Is it because Arrow is a good show? Well that's no excuse for the fact that she's still written badly. When Gotham screws up with a character (like they recently did with Firefly) people will point it out but when CW screws up people say stuff like,

"Oh well they are trying to be edgy." So was Fant4stic.
"It's a first attempt at the character, it can't be perfect." Many think this is the case but its not. In fact it is the third attempt after an attempt in both Smallville and the terrible Birds of Prey show. Even if it was true, so was Daredevil.
"They are trying to be realistic." Yes that's why characters like the Flash and Supergirl exist in the same universe.

So tell me, what is the difference between CW's Canary and Fant4stic's "Doom" because I want to know why this show gets a freebie for ruining a brilliant character while other movies don't. Hope you all enjoyed the article and tell me your thoughts down below?


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