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I am one of those women who melts at the sight of children. From their tiny feet and hands to their ever curious brains, I can't help but smile and want to hug a child upon first glance.

And yes, I am a sappy person who cries during Huggy commercials. I just can't help myself! I find all children of various sizes, shapes, colors, and genders just so precious.

Target must be on the same wavelength, as they've recently featured a little girl with disabilities dressed as Elsa from Frozen to showcase their Halloween costumes selection. She models the gorgeous blue gown while also showing off her arm crutches and leg braces.

The joy on her face is priceless, as I know any little girl would feel like a true princess in that outfit.

Target then tweeted out their aim to include all people in their advertising.

Earlier this year, Target also made the change to include gender-neutral labeling for their toys. Back in 2012, they also featured a child with Down Syndrome in an advertisement.

If from a young age children are exposed to all types of people, they will grow to be more compassionate in their adulthood. It's never too early to teach your children to love and respect all spectrums of human beings.

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