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1. Secrets & Twists

From the very first episode you discover the many layers of secrets and surprises that make up this show. Each character has their own mysterious story to share with us. We witness flashbacks and flashfowards into their lives; all revealing another piece to the puzzle.

2. Whodunit Suspense

This show currently has two big mysteries for us to solve. The first mystery is finding out who was behind the disastrous terrorist attack. The second mystery is finding out why the lead character is being framed for it. Both equally hard mysteries to solve, as each character raises more suspicion. The writers will keep us guessing until the very end.

3. Bad-Ass FBI Agent Trainees

They have one mission in life: To be the best FBI Agent out there. The training academy they are put through is no joke. They go through challenge after challenge, each one more exciting and harder than the one before. With beauty, brains, and personalities, these trainees hold the viewers interest throughout each episode. We will find out which of them have what it takes to make it to the very end.

4. Appeals To All Crowds

This is the first time I've seen a series have an Indian character as their lead. Quantico is filled with diversity of race, gender, class, nationality, and sexuality which is represented throughout. The show portrays a few social issues that we face out in the real world in which many of us can relate. It is also progressive to see that some of the top agents in the show are female.

5. It's A Winner

As if all the above reasons aren't enough, the success of the show will sure convince you to try it out. ABC officially reported that Quantico has been picked up for a full season. The ratings on TvByTheNumbers have consistently shown positive results. The cancellation bear has never failed me yet and it shows that Quantico will most likely be renewed in 2016! It's 5 episodes in so you can easily catch up and chat it up with your friends on what you predict will happen next!

Catch up on ABC's website or check out my personal favorite: (see instructions below).

Airs: Sunday at 10PM on ABC

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, thriller

Plot: The series follows a group of young FBI recruits; each has a specific reason for joining. Flashbacks detail their previous lives, while the recruits battle their way through training at the academy in Quantico, Virginia. However, the series will reveal in a flash forward twist that one of the recruits, upon graduating from the academy, will be suspected of masterminding the biggest terror attack on New York City since the September 11 attacks in 2001 (Source: Wikipedia).

Remind Me Of: How To Get Away With Murder

Creator: Joshua Safran

Actors: Josh Hopkins (The Perfect Storm, Cougar Town), Priyanka Chopra (Barfi,Don), Aunjanue Ellis (The Help, Men of Honor), Jack McLaughlin (Safe House, Warriors)

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