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I wasn't expecting it, but this was one of my favorite films this year. Its been a progressive and risky year for movies. And Human Centipede 3 director Tom Six has been pushing the cinematic envelope for some time now. In the climax to his trilogy of grosser than most horror films, he goes all out. I winced, but never was horrified or even appalled. I was too busy smiling the entire film. This is the most enjoyable and polished "extreme" film since American Psycho.

Six manages to create a camp opus similar to great legends like John Waters, Giuseppe Andrews, Tim & Eric and maybe as high as Luis Bunuel. Every seemingly dumb scene has a smart symbolic meaning. The writing itself takes a kind of genius to be so sharply satirical while simultaneously un-P.C.. The magic of the movie is its rising absurdity. Every 15 seconds, you're hit with a great moment of surrealism or self-aware stupidity.

Thanks to a violent, crazed, out of control antagonist (think a spoof of both Hitler and John Wayne) who dominates almost every frame of the movie, played with so much ham and scenery-chewing by the incredible Dieter Laser. He really gives one of the most fun performances of 2015, putting life into every gesture and drop of sweat we see. He murders, castrates, challenges, intimidates and has breakdowns all with deadpan glee, never winking at the camera but letting us know that he's aware of the impossibly perverse and foolish monster he's playing and the fun he's having at our expense. The film wouldn't have been worth any time if it wasn't for this man and his committed execution of the ludicrous nature of it all.

I've read so many negative reviews who just don't get the joke. Many call the film so self-serious, not knowing they are the ones who should lighten up. The film was marketed to horror audiences but its more of a black comedy. And while the point of the plot is to create a hilariously long human centipede, the aim of Tom Six is to make us laugh at our own wretchedness and the part we play in this society of absolute lunacy. Finally, the human centipede comes to represent something human and real. He mirrors the worst of human nature with this disgusting, beautiful film. And I hope future audiences get the punchline.


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