ByRómulo Gomes, writer at

Pompeii near Naples, Italy, is known worldwide for what happened there thousands of years ago, and every year it receives hundreds of thousands of tourists. Some take pictures some take souvenirs. But of course there are others that take what isn't their. They take historic relics from the city – things like small statues, stones or mosaic tiles. Unlucky them, because they regret it for sure now.

They say the relics are cursed and have filled their lives with bad luck since bringing them home. A senior official at Pompeii said he has had hundreds of packages from across the world from people returning what they had taken. Many people apologised and wrote stories about their bad luck.

The senior official, Massimo Osanna, told reporters about some of the stories he had received. One man from Latin America explained that his life was full of traumas after he got home from Italy with a small tile he had put in his pocket. A person from Spain returned five packages containing stolen items, including a bronze statue that went missing in 1987. The writer complained that the statue had put, "a curse on his entire family".

Mr Osanna is thinking about setting up an exhibition of all the letters he has received. He explained that the letters might be more interesting than the relics. He said:

"It's not that the stolen pieces are highly interesting or valuable. It's more the letters. . For this reason I'd like to do an exhibition to show how we were and how we are."


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