BySteven Morrell, writer at
... it has a tendency to want create new ones that use the names of established characters. I like a lot of Firestorm fans pested DC for a new Firestorm book in the early 00's. After the return of Ronnie Raymond in Extreme Justice, it looked like things would get going again after John Ostrander, wrote him into a cul-de-sac. So the new comic launches, and they promptly kill Ronnie. MotherF******. Needless to say I dropped the comic. When it comes to strong Black/Ethnic characters in the DCU, you have Green Lantern - John Stewart, Steel, Black Lightning, Doctor Light (Kimiyo Hoshi, the Japanese female) Mister Terrific, and Cyborg. Bloodwynd and Amazing Man (Will Everett III) had real possibilities. I know the Dakota heroes are now in the DCU, don't really know enough about them to judge (Quit comics in 2008 after my retailer failed to get me all the Blackest Night crossovers). WB / DC are obsessed with having none white male heroes. But if you tamper with well loved characters then the results can bomb. (See Fantastic Four, 2015)

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