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Robin Williams may have passed away 2 years ago, but his legacy will live on forever. He's one of the most brilliant comedians of all time, and his ability to cope with his demons through humor was one of the most impressive of displays of a tortured artist.

Here are some amazing examples, found on imgur, of quotes from Robin Williams that everyone could learn something from. Wisdom comes in many forms, and in this case, through some truly wise nuggets.

Check out the best Robin Williams quotes below!

11. Robin Williams on cocaine

10. Robin Williams on the meaning of life and purpose

9. Robin Williams on changing the world

8. One of my favorite Robin Williams quotes of all time and likely his most famous one

7. Robin Williams on time

6. Robin Williams on sadness and humor

5. Robin Williams, in what seems like a personal one, on being an entertainer

4. Robin Williams on God getting high

3. Robin Williams being Robin Williams

2. Robin Williams on making people happy

1. The awesome Robin Williams quote from that Apple commercial

What a guy... it's clear from this collection of quotes (of which there are many more) that he was a deep thinker and one of the smartest comedians to ever take the stage.

He knew a lot about comedy, but I think he knew even more about life.

Courtesy of the Moviepilot video team, here are nine times Robin Williams reminded us about how much of a comedic genius he was:

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