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so in this part i am gonna talk about a script how the gameplay would wor the graphics more detailed version off cast and that is alot off work so lets begin

1 the cast

will friedle reprice his role as terry mecginnis/batman beyond why couse he did him first in the batman beyond tv show and he was great doing it

kevin conroy reprice his role as old bruce wayne i dont have any other suggestios couse he did batman for along time also did retired bruce already

john noble ghoul why couse he did scarecrow in arkham knight and ghoul is kinda a future scarecrow

mark hamill as joker in flashbacks and tim drake/ the new joker couse he is the best

troy baker as derek powers/blight

ashley greene/diana

kevin conroy as hush beyond

dick grayson /nightwing voiced by scott porter

ras al ghul voiced by the same one thatoes him in arkham citydont know his name

damien wayne voiced by khary payton

jena malone as barbara gordon

nolan north as superman

jonathan banks as warren mecginnis

tara strong as the twins from return of the joker storyline

now there are other villains but i dont know who to choose for them so eah

now in part 4 you will get a storyline or actually a script and now i am goning to do something with watch dogs 2 eep out fo that if you are intrested

see you all i the next one goodbye


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