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*Warning, the following contains spoilers for the latest and many previous The Walking Dead episodes. You've been warned.*

"What??" "No no no NO!" "That is bullsh*t!" *silently cries*

These were just some of the reactions to latest episode of The Walking Dead, where it featured the death of one of the most loved characters.

We saw him grow up since season one, and seeing that transformation has been such a journey. Rest in Peace Glenn, you will be dearly missed.

But wait, people are still saying he's alive? I realize denial is one of the stages of grief, but come on, we all saw what happened. Still not convinced? Let me walk you through it.


What do I mean? Well let's face it. Glenn fell directly into that herd of walkers- here, see for yourselves:

Gruesome stuff I know. Now, there are theories on how Glenn could survive this. Let me just debunk them real quick;

Nicholas's body is on him, they're only eating him

Okay, so even if this were true, Glenn doesn't get out of this. If they were eating Nicholas, they would eventually get to him, rather quickly even. His face and other parts of him are clearly exposed. And if Nicholas's body were on Glenn, how would he move it to escape without getting eaten? Being covered in blood has worked yes, but I feel with ALL those walkers around him, it wouldn't matter. He can't just shimmy his way through them. Also, did you not see the scene? It's clearly HIS body getting torn apart, so that theory falls.

He can go under the dumpster

Have you seen the space between the floor and the bottom of a dumpster? It's very small. Also IF that Nicholas on top of him theory holds up, he would have to remove his body from on top of him, thus fully exposing himself to the walkers. I doubt that he'd manage to make it without getting eaten, so that falls.

He's been seen on set for different scenes

Producer Scott M. Gimple has said that we haven't seen the last of Glenn, and we will get a conclusion to his story. This could very easily be flashbacks, or dream sequences from characters (most likely Maggie). This falls, but it is the only one I feel has the most grounds to say he's alive.

He wasn't on The Talking Dead

The Talking Dead is a show where host Chris Hardwick and guests discuss what happened in that night's episode. It's also a largely occurring thing where whatever character has just died, the actor playing him/her appears on the show. Well Steven Yeun didn't appear. Well guess what? Neither did the actresses who played Andrea, or Lori. He also did not appear on the "In Memoriam" segment, where we look back on who died that night. But in the end they repeated "Please don't let this be true, please don't let this be true." Implying they are still in denial and don't want to accept it. Also they have stated they don't know anymore than we do, so they left out his name on their beliefs.

So as you can see, while there's been wishful thinking, it's just not plausible Glenn lives based on what we saw.

Makes the writers look weak

The job of a writer is to make the world feel real and give us a real impact. So imagine how much of a cop out it would be, if they simply rewrite him back to life? I would be pissed. I hate when writers bring characters back to life in some B.S. way, just to please the upset fans.

They knew as writers what they were signing up for when deciding to work on a series like this. They have to make hard decisions. It would also take away so much meaning from this episode, and it would make his death scene (if it was fake) pointless. People have died on this show before, so bringing him back would insult the fans, the character, and themselves.

It's Still a Zombie Apocalypse

Have you people forgotten where exactly this show is taking place? There are zombies everywhere just waiting to eat you. Everyday is a fight for survival. Unfortunately for us, we had to be reminded in one of the worst ways. People are going to die. This shows us that no one is truly safe, and even some of our most beloved characters can die- Which is a good thing. If everyone feels invulnerable, it just gets boring. This was a pretty smart decision in that sense. Especially since he was ill-fated from the start, with his comic book counterpart having met a gruesome death as well.

What do you guys think; is Glenn still alive? Or is he really gone? Since I believe he's gone, goodbye Glenn, you were such a badass. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and follow for more content.


Do you think Glenn is dead?


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