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now in this part i i will talk about the setting the year characters verichles and gameplay

setting futuristic chicaco 16 years after events off watch dogs 1 and i want jackson pearce to be the ain character and take the role of his uncle but a better version and not that boring like aiden now this is what i want him to look like and you can see a glimpse of the city

and if you watch that it almost looks to me like the game itself but it is done by a youtube subscribe to his channel that will do him a favor

now other character

older aiden

like marcus brenks which is the son of damien brenks from the first game

and now gameplay aspects i want co-op missions a gta v style multiplayer and i want alot off things but i the next part i will do more off gameplay and verichles and a long long script now a long batman beyond part 4 coming


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