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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for episode 3 of The Walking Dead.

Episode 3 of The Walking Dead was a total emotional rollercoaster, but while the writers and crew seem to have lead us into believing that our beloved former-pizza delivery boy, Glenn, is dead, there are just a few things that don't quite add up.

Check out the following eight things that prove that Glenn is definitely not dead, and then let me know in the comments below if you agree, or if you remain convinced that he's dead meat:

1. Check out how they fell

As the two fall, it looks pretty clear that Nicholas is going to end up on top of Glenn, meaning he could act as a human shield for Glenn, buying him time to escape while the walkers munch down on Nick.

2. That's not where your intestines are

The crew used camera trickery to zoom in on Glenn's horrified face after the pair fall to the ground and zombies tear apart flesh. But while it might look like Glenn, no one has intestines in their upper chest area -- come on!

3. There's totally an escape route

Check out the lower right hand corner, under the dumpster. That space is definitely big enough for someone to slide underneath away from the cold, dead claws of the walkers.

4. He still has a flare gun

Glenn and Nicholas had planned to burn down the feed store using a flare gun, which we see Glenn holding as the pair round the corner to see the feed store already burned to the ground. Presumably, Glenn held onto the flare and still has it with him. Could he distract the walkers using that for just enough time to make an escape?

5. Steven Yeun wasn't on The Talking Dead or included in the "in memoriam"

In The Talking Dead's regular 'in memoriam' segment, many characters and walkers were bid farewell, though interestingly while Nicholas was included, Glenn was not. Instead of Glenn's name appearing, we definitely saw a Glenn-directed message when "please don't let this be true" appeared on-screen three times.

6. There were no witnesses

If Glenn dies, then there'll be no witness to see his demise, something every other major character to have die on the show has had. In fact, the show has a history of bringing back people who have been presumed dead -- Morgan in Season 1 after he never answered the radio, Merle in Season 1 after he cut his arm off on the rooftop, and Carol in Season 3 when T-Dog died to save her in the bowels of the prison. Sure there's an outside possibility that someone will just discover zombie-Glenn, but given the history of major deaths being witnessed, it seems unlikely.

7. Steven Yeun has been spotted on set recently

Filming for the episode we saw this week took place months ago, however, websites such as the Spoiling Dead Fans have posted a lot of proof of Steven Yeun on set, in costume as Glenn in very recent times for episodes likely to air in the second half of Season 6. In fact there were reports of scenes being shot involving Glenn just a few hours ago!

8. Look at all the stuff he's survived in the past!

All right, if the previous seven reasons weren't enough to assure you that Glenn is going to make it out alive of his current sticky (and bloody) situation, just take a deep breath and remember all the other close calls Glenn Rhee has had in the past:

Season 1, Episode 2

Season 2, Episode 4

Season 3, Episode 7

Season 4, Episode 5

Season 5, Episode 1

Come on, surely he can survive this:

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