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The very heteronormative Disney universe could sure do with some gay lovin', and Tumblr user simonbaz has created some incredible GIF sets that portray various Disney Princesses falling in love with each other. The results are heartwarming, and it makes me long for a Disney movie where the main characters are gay.

Jasmine and Belle

I mean really, who wants Aladdin when you can have Belle?

Esmerelda and Meg

These two are probably the sexiest Disney girls of all time, and also the sassiest. I imagine their relationship is quite a passionate one!

Pocahontas and Kida

Oh my god, yes, so much yes. Can we just talk about how Kida's facepaint matches Pocahontas's necklace? The two were clearly meant to be together.

Ariel and Nani

A surfer and a mermaid? It makes perfect sense! And imagine how much fun Flounder and Stitch would have playing with Lilo.

If you want to check out the rest of these, make sure to visit simonbaz on Tumblr.

Source: simonbaz on tumblr


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