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Harley Quinn has smashed her way through packs of hapless princesses, witches and minions to become the most searched for Halloween costume in America this year, so don't be surprised if you get more tricks than treats on Saturday night!

According to Google's new 'Freightgeist' service, the psychiatrist turned psycho sidekick has really captured public imagination this year, so you have a frighteningly high chance of seeing a pack of Harley Quinns painting the town red (and black) this year.

Although it's difficult not to think of Harley's iconic jester garb when imagining the character, the huge jump in the DC villain's popularity is probably in part due to Margot Robbie's deceptively pretty pastel look in the Suicide Squad trailer.

Whether it is the reimagined or original Harley that dominates the costumed clan remains to be seen, but if the chart below is to be believed, she has finally achieved her goal of reigning supreme over all of the superheroes out there. It's just a shame that her "mad love" interest wasn't quite as successful:

Harley Quinn at the top of her game
Harley Quinn at the top of her game

If you're still struggling for All Hallows' Eve inspiration, below is a break down of how to achieve both the classic and the newly conceived Harley Quinn look so you can join the ranks bringing geek culture to the mainstream.

Classic Harley Quinn

Madeyewlook's Harley Quinn makeup tutorial features a painted suit for those rich in body confidence and poor on time, and it looks totally awesome!

We will just focus on the face in the breakdown, but check out the whole video HERE to see how to create an awesome outfit with nothing more than a brush!

Step One: White Wash

First paint the face white with body paint, while leaving a figure eight shaped gap around the eyes for the face mask. Make sure to paint one ear red and one ear black!

Step Two: Devilish Definition

Paint white circles on the eyelid and around the eyes before lining them with liquid eye liner to give some definition.

Step Three: Mask Maker

Paint on the mask with black body paint and a small brush, there's no need to worry about being too precise because the whole area will be colored in to complete the look and errors can be corrected at the end.

Step Four: Highlight and Blend

Use white paint to paint some highlights onto the mask and then fill in the rest of the bask area with black body paint. Blend the edges of the two colors together to create a more three dimensional look.

Step Five: Getting Lippy

Finally, mix red and black body paint together and paint the lips. Extend the corners of the mouth to give a more psychotic smile and you're good to go!

Reimagined Harley Quinn

Miranda Hedman's Suicide Squad inspired Harley Quinn can be achieved with a regular makeup palette paired with a white or very light colored foundation.

Step One: Pretty in Pale

Paint the entire face and neck in a thin coating of white face paint or foundation to create a look that is both deathly pale but somewhat 'natural.'

Step Two: Un Eye-Dentical

Use a brush to circle the eyes in blue and pink eye shadow then blend down the face in point from the other corner of your eye with your finger.

Step Three: Eyes Wide Open

Line your eyes with an exaggerated cats eye flick and use a high volume mascara on the lashes. You can also create an arched brow with a brow pencil or powder if you feel it will add to the look.

Step Four: Getting Lippy

Fill in your lips with a glossy burgundy shade.

Step Five: Wearing Your Heart On Your Face

Using a pencil eye liner draw a heart on your upper cheek bone and you're ready to hit the town.

If you wan't to go all out on the hair, I would recommend using food dye, but beware, it can take a lot longer than expected to wash out!

(Source: via Google Frightgeist)


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