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Tumblr user The Pixarist spends his spare time doing something any Toy Story fan would be jealous of. He goes one step further in bringing characters such as Woody and Buzz to life by actually recreating sets from the film... in real-life!

As part of a project started with friends in 2011, the aim is to reproduce all of the shots from the film in its entirety.

A recreation of poses from Toy Story 3
A recreation of poses from Toy Story 3

In possibly one of the coolest things I've seen in the last week, possibly month, possibly year, he's posted a collection of shots from an amazing full-scale recreation of Andy's room.

Speaking of the project, The Pixarist said:

"We put our absolute all into every aspect of this project. It takes quite a while to do, but we always make sure that what we recreate is as accurate as possible. It’s time consuming, I’ll give you that. But this is very important to us."

It's so good, and so true to the original, I've even felt the need to highlight which image is real, and which is from the film. Kudos to The Pixarist for having one of the best hobbies known to man.

The door and dartboard

Above is a shot of Andy's bedroom door in the film. The level of intricacy The Pixarist goes to is absolutely insane. If you look at the remake below, they've recreated the posters, which were created by The Pixarist's brother.

They've even copied the stickers. The STICKERS!

The center point of the piece, the dartboard, was picked up at a thrift store for a mere $5. That's $5 well spent, in my opinion.

The desk

Here's Andy's desk, which is unique in itself. This hasn't stopped The Pixarist and friends from producing a real-life version. The desk itself was a renovation of an old, broken desk that belonged to his grandmother.

Things to note on this recreation: They've even added the Post-It notes, more stickers, posters and, the cherry on the top, is the white board, which is indistinguishable from the shot from the film.

This level of attention to detail was borderline obsession, according to The Pixarist:

"We tried incredibly hard to make sure that every little detail was captured. For example, there is a white board next to Andy’s desk that we, for the most part, replicated perfectly."

Even more crazy attention to detail

The shot above highlights different items in Andy's room, including the bed, toy box and guitar. Below are the real-life recreations, which took around two years to create.

Notice that the bed even has a crescent moon, which they've crafted into the headboard.

Again, spot the level of detail that went into the toy box. Not only has the image been painted on perfectly, the stickers are identical to the film. I'm looking really hard but I can't see any out of place...

Finally, Andy's guitar, which is also identical. Eagle-eyed and pedantic people may notice the lacking red sticker on the bottom left, but come on. Don't be picky!

Speaking of the length of the project, The Pixarist said:

"It took about 2 years of work, but it was totally worth it. It’s the room that most of us grew up wishing we had. From the hardwood floor to the bright white woodwork, it’s all there."
"So yeah, a lot of work went into recreating Andy’s room. But you know what? My friends and I enjoyed every single minute of it. The extra work really paid off."

The video

Creating Andy's room to perfection wasn't just useful for taking these amazing photographs. The crew working on the project have used stop-motion technology in their quest to recreate the entire film, using these sets as a backdrop.

You can view one of the videos they've produced below, alongside a clip from the film.

You could call it a toy story about Toy Story... no?

Source: The Pixarist


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