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Until the King of Pop's untimely death, we knew very little about his three children, Prince, Paris and Bigi (formerly known as Blanket). The 'Billie Jean' star would only take his kids out in public wearing veils in order to protect their identities. Only in more recently revealed family photos of the children's early years, or towards the very end of Michael's life, were we able to see his children.

In 2009, the world was able to see the faces of Prince, Paris and Bigi unveiled for the first time.

After their father passed away, they came into the care of their 85-year-old grandmother, Katherine Jackson, and their uncle, Tito Jackson. From then on, the youngsters were not so strictly hidden from the spotlight and audiences around the world have been lucky enough to witness the kids grow up over the years.

So what are they up to now?

Prince Jackson

Prince Jackson has grown up into a fine young man who would do his father very proud. The 18-year-old pictured above on the right with his auntie LaToya Jackson was taken when he recently graduated from The Buckley School -- and with honors! Now that high school is out of the way, Prince is making the mature decision to go to Loyola Marymount college.

Prince has made his ambition clear about creating a successful career for himself, as per the Jackson tradition. He told Entertainment Tonight:

"I'm looking to become well-rounded as a producer, director, screenwriter and actor."

In 2013, Prince, at age 16, was a guest correspondent for Entertainment Tonight and got to interview the likes of James Franco and Zach Braff for Oz The Great And Powerful.

Prince has also recently been snapped attending Jiu Jitsu class with his girlfriend. Michael would be so proud to see his son go through so many of life's important milestones.

Paris Jackson

Paris has grown up into a beautiful young lady. The 17-year-old has the ambition to get into acting and, with her Jackson genes and stunning looks, things are looking promising.

Paris has also commented on her early years and her dad's decision to mask her and her siblings' faces:

"I understand it now, why my Dad would want our face to be covered [...]
[l]ike when we went out without him we wouldn’t be recognized, we could have a normal childhood.’

For Paris, her coming of age has been a difficult one at times. Four years after her father's death, it was reported that the talented young lady attempted suicide by cutting her wrists with a kitchen knife and taking a large amount of ibuprofen tablets. Treatment soon followed for Michael Jacksons's second-born.

Endowed with the Jackson spirit, Paris has gone from strength to strength ever since, proving a real inspiration to many. Paris now seems very happy in her life and is in a relationship with Chester Castellaw.

Bigi (formerly known as Blanket) Jackson

Blanket Jackson is the youngest of the trio, being only 7 years old when his father passed. It is very difficult to imagine how hard it is for a child so young to have a parent pass away.

Nevertheless, Blanket, who now likes to be addressed as 'Bigi' (a name of German origin meaning 'insightful' and 'generous'), is 13 years old and attends The Buckley School in California just like his older brother, Prince.

Bigi also bears an uncanny resemblance to his late father when he was of a similar age:

Bigi is reported by members of the Jackson family to be very quiet and reserved and to be of a similar nature to his father, Michael. Expect great things from this one.

If Michael were around today he would be very proud of all three of his children. It's clear they have inherited his talent, kindness and ambition to succeed. Back in 2013, when Prince was working as a guest correspondent for Entertainment Tonight in his first ever job, he was told that he seemed a lot older and wiser for his years. He responded:

‘That’s what most people have said and it’s all thanks to my Dad. He raised me right.”

We'll finish up with the following tweet from Prince:

The world better watch out. The Jackson clan are coming for your faves.


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