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A New Mexico man has bludgeoned his friend to death after binge-watching The Walking Dead, Police confirmed on Monday. The assailant, who had been drinking heavily, claimed he attacked his victim because he believed he was turning into a zombie.

According to KOAT 7 News, 23-year-old Damon Perry was intoxicated while indulging in a Walking Dead marathon on Thursday when he believed his friend Christopher Paquin was showing symptoms of joining the realm of the walkers.

Damon Perry after his arrest
Damon Perry after his arrest

Perry attacked Paquin with punches, kicks and an assortment of household items including a microwave and an electric guitar. He later explained to police that he thought he was stopping a transformation from human to zombie, as well as preventing a zombie apocalypse from taking hold and destroying humanity.

Officers were called to the scene after receiving reports that an intoxicated man was chasing a woman with a knife. When the police arrived on the scene, Perry was being subdued by two maintenance men who had pinned him to the ground.

The victim, Chris Paquin
The victim, Chris Paquin

Paquin’s dead body was later discovered in the apartment, he was pronounced dead at scene by paramedics.

The police department, who described the murder as one of the “weirdest and most gruesome” homicides the region had ever seen, released a statement to the general public that confirmed:

"Perry told investigators he had been drinking large amounts of alcohol when his friend began to change into a zombie."

Perry is being charged with murder and is currently being held at the Cibola County detention center.

(Source: The Guardian and Variety via KOAT7)


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