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If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed.
Tom Perkins

As the Back to the Future hype has now started to decline, I wanted to end the hype on a high note instead of just forgetting about it. Recently, the parody trailer for 'Jaws 19' was released onto the web. I have to say that it's pretty basic but the idea of it all is pretty awesome!

I wouldn't mind experiencing some of these sequels as they are very amusing!

I mean who wouldn't want a Robot Shark or a Soviet one? Come on!

This Back to the Future parody is just one of the many things that was released for the Back to the Future's 30th anniversary this year. Last Wednesday the 21st of October 2015 which if you remember was the same day that Marty and Doc Brown travelled in time!

Other tributes to the movie include a 2015 Pepsi themed bottle, Nike themed trainers, a US Themed News paper and many many different sketches/parodies of the franchise.

It's been a great week for Back to the Future fans and it's sad to see it go. What was your favourite part about the Back to the Future anniversary? Is there anything you wish had happened but didn't? Let me know :)


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