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Back to work in the wake of Halloween, the "water cooler" chatter is alway filled with tales of the best, worst, and most hilarious costumes from the weekend. Not only those from the parties we all went to but from those we can only dream of attending. One prime example is Heidi Klum's annual Halloween Bash.

Not surprising at all, celebrities know how to do Halloween right. From classic characters with a spin to inanimate objects or embodying other celebrities, they pretty much nail the costume game (almost) every time. Here are 20 of the best get-ups from 2015! Don't forget to share which is your favorite in the comments!

1. Pop Royalty Go as Zamunda Royalty from 'Coming to America'

2. The Rock as the Sailor Man Himself, Popeye

3. Nina Dobrev Spicing Up Our Lives as Posh Spice

4. Kylie Jenner as a Warrior Princess

5. Heidi Klum IS Jessica Rabbit. I think, Like, for Real

6. Miley Is a Blunt Smoking Cinderella

7. Colton Haynes as Ursula and Austin Nichols as Dirty Harry

8. Kourtney Kardashian Is Super-Mom with Her Team of Little Heroes

9. Jessica Alba and Kelly Sawyer Make the Perfect Romy and Michelle

10. Cowgirl Gwen Gets Bloody

11. Nick Jonas Is Always a Delicious Hamburglar

Image Source: Getty / Todd Williamson via PopSugar
Image Source: Getty / Todd Williamson via PopSugar

12. Katy Perry's Mic Drop

13. Anne Hathaway Is a Unique Unicorn Beside Nina Dobrev Rockin' Her Inner Kris Jenner

14. 3 Points for Justin Beiber's Jackie Moon from 'Semi Pro'

15. It's Me Hugh Jackman!

16. Ellen Degeneres Joins the Kardashian Klan as Karla and Shows Off Her Double K's

17. Debra Messing Nails Darla from 'Finding Nemo'

18. Pinterest Perfect Lauren Conrad and Her Wild Animals

19. Jessica Simpson as Christie Brinkley and Hubby as Clark Griswold in 'National Lampoon's Vacation'

20. Chrissy Teigen as the Triple D King, Guy Fieri

[Source: Yahoo]


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