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In a video uploaded to his Facebook page, Vin Diesel speaks about his joy at Paul Walker's daughter enjoying his latest film, feeling the love and counting blessings -- all condensed into a video made for fans prior to his Sunday morning jog.

Vin has recently spoken of his struggles dealing with the death of his Fast and the Furious co-star, appearing emotional in a recent television interviews, and it's clear Paul's life has a left a lasting impression on him.

"There's a lot of love in this world"

It's fair to say what we often take for granted are the small things. Vin enjoys his Sunday cardio by reminded himself of what matters, and the importance of 'counting your blessings.' He said:

"When you think about it, it's probably one of the healthiest things to do. Yeah, we like to use headphones, but try replacing the music and thinking about, literally, all of the blessings. It could even just be the way someone smiled at you."
Vin in The Last Witch Hunter
Vin in The Last Witch Hunter

He then spoke about his delight at his friends and colleagues promoting his latest film, The Last Witch Hunter, which was initially delayed due to the tragic death of Vin's honorary brother, Paul 'Pablo' Walker.

"Seeing so many of my friends trying to build awareness of this fantasy genre. You have to stop yourself and say wow, there's a lot of love in this world."

See the trailer for the film below:

"Guess who he ended up watching the movie with? Paul Walker's dad!"

The pair were close friends
The pair were close friends

It's a small world indeed, as Vin found out when one of his friends attended a screening of his latest film, and ended up watching it with none other than Paul Walker's dad.

"A dear friend of mine, Val, took his daughters team, wearing breast cancer awareness t-shirts, to a showing of the Last Which Hunter yesterday. Guess who he ended up watching the movie with? Paul Walker's dad."

Vin then showed off his 'Brotherhood' hoody, in honor of his late friend.

"Meadow texted me and said she loved the movie"

Paul Walker's 16-year-old daughter, Meadow, expressed her fondness of The Last Witch Hunter. She messaged Vin after watching the film with her mother, Rebecca Soteros, leaving him touched by her kind words.

Paul Walker with daughter Meadow (right)
Paul Walker with daughter Meadow (right)

Diesel's character is based on a character from the popular role playing game, Dungeon's & Dragons. As a fan of the game, it had a big influence on the script and helped to mould the role of Kaulder.

Meadow herself was a fan of the game when she was younger:

"When I think back to that kid who used to play Dungeon and Dragons, I had no clue someday I'd have the great blessing of being able to manifest a movie from something which could've been deemed as a distractive hobby."

"They'll soon realize when they're older it's all in service to them"

In a sweet ending to the video, Vin explained he'd been working hard for the sake of his three children.

"I'm cooking breakfast for the little angels today. You know you're working a lot when the little ones asks 'Dad, do you have to work tomorrow?' No. 'Dad do you have to make any phone calls?' No.
"They soon realize when they're older it's all in service to them."

You can see the full, touching video on Vin Diesel's Facebook page.

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