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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Keanu Reeves racked up a kill streak so big in John Wick, it was surprising the movie was devoid of an "achievement unlocked" icon popping up in the corner of the screen.

But as ridiculously entertaining as Reeves's return to kick-ass form was, surely it would be impossible to find a new group of goons willing to go up against him, or his pets, seeing as he pretty much singlehandedly wiped out an entire crime syndicate after they invaded his home, stole his car and slaughtered the puppy bought for him by his dead wife!

What a shot!
What a shot!

Well, you'd be wrong, because according to THR, John Wick 2 has found its villain and it comes in the form of Academy Award winning rapper turned pretty badass actor, Common. Which is a stroke of genius in my book.


Though details surrounding the movie are being kept fairly tight-lipped at the moment, the Suicide Squad star is said to be starring as the movie's villain-in-chief, the head of security for a mysterious female crime lord.

Common has been quite a busy man as of late, what with picking up the Oscar for Best Original Song with Selma's 'Glory,' starring in Entourage, wrapping production on Barbershop 3 and getting ready for a role as The Gatekeeper in NBC's televisual event The Wiz Live!, where he'll be starring alongside the likes of Queen Latifah and Orange Is the New Black's Uzo Aduba.

The Wiz Live!
The Wiz Live!

But nothing can be as badass as when Common's Desh swings Liam Neeson's Jimmy through a wall in the surprisingly taut Run All Night:

In other news, returning to the Wick fray will be Ian McShane as Winston, owner of the hit-person hotel The Continental. A hovel for murderers from all walks of life.

What do you make of that?

Keanu v Common. I, for one, cannot wait!

(Source: THR, Empire Online, NBC)


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