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(Warning - if you haven't yet seen the first episode of Supergirl, then what's coming below likely qualifies as a series of major SPOILERS. Proceed with caution - or, y'know, take 40 and watch it. Don't worry, we'll wait...)

Now, the emergence of the CW's superhero-stuffed line-up may have made the arrival of a new comic book themed show relatively commonplace, certainly compared to a few years ago, but that doesn't mean it's anything less than a very big deal. After all, even with a whole heap of other super-shows doing the rounds, we still just saw a Supergirl TV series debut on a major television network -- and that's downright awesome news irrespective of the competition.

Plus, of course, it provides yet another chance for us all to geek out over a giant pile of comic book references and Easter eggs. Here, then, are:

Seven of the Geekiest References Hiding in Supergirl's Very First Episode

Including a secret super-villain (or twenty), an old-school nod or two, and a whole lot of future (comic book inspired) plot teasing.

We're assuming you already spotted some of the more obvious geeky moments, including (Lois and Clark's) Dean Cain and (original movie Supergirl) Helen Slater's appearances as Kara's foster parents, so let's move straight on to the meaty stuff. First up?

7. We Could Be Set to See the Actual Super Friends

Yup. That's right. Those Super Friends.

Now, it might have been nothing more than a subtle, audience-aimed gag, but Wynn asking Kara whether "the Super Friends are back" sure does seem to suggest that the animated iteration of some of DC's favorite superheroes (plus some kids and a dog, or depending on the series, a monkey) are actually canon in Supergirl. Anyone else now expecting a Wonder Twin cameo or two?

6. Kara's Costume Options Hint at Past Controversies

Now, Kara's extensive search for a costume may have given the premiere some of its biggest laughs, but it also functioned as an extended series of comic book references. After all, bare midriffs, hot pants and inexplicable headbands have all turned up on Supergirl costumes over the years, typically in controversial fashion...

...making Wynn's designs both seriously dorky and kind of inappropriate.

5. Vartox Could Have Been WAY Weirder

Specifically, the alien menace we saw in the premiere (played by Owain Yeoman) has a tendency to look a little more...out there in his comic book appearances...

Which...may well be the first time I've ever been on board with completely jettisoning an original costume for a TV adaptation...

4. There Were a Whole Lot of Old-School References

Now, the whole show was infused with old-school references (with Supergirl's saving of a plane not only referencing 2006's Superman Returns, but the Superman origin story it was referencing in the first place) but some of the most gloriously nerdy referenced some key figures in Supergirl's comic book past.

The Otto Binder bridge name-checks the writer who first created the caped Kryptonian version of the heroine, while Dick Sprang (who drew the first prototype comic book Supergirl) and Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle (two more recently famed Supergirl creatives) received road-based references. All in all, a classy touch.

3. Expect Big Things from Kara's Mother/Aunt

Now, back in the comic books, Kara's mother, Alura, eventually took on a manipulative and near-antagonistic role -- one that seems to have been earmarked for her twin sister in the show. Expect a twist or two in that storyline, though -- possibly even one involving the miniaturized Kryptonian city of Kandor, with which Alura has traditionally been closely associated.

2. We Caught a Glimpse of a Whole Lot of Future Foes

Now, it's tough to identify any surefire future villains in the on-screen glimpse we received (though some see that pinkish dude as a potential Despero), but there's a pretty good chance at least one or two of the above will be turning up at some point in Season 2. Get guessing, gang...

And, finally:

1. Wynn Might Not Be Quite What He Seems

Now, it's entirely possible that Kara's sidekick/pal/potential love interest, Winslow 'Wynn' Schott, will never turn out to be anything less than a supportive ally -- but his name might just suggest different. Y'see, the comic book Winslow Schott is better known as the super villainous Toyman -- suggesting a possible switch away from heroism in the future.

Thankfully for Wynn, it sounds as though his dad, Winslow Schott, Sr. will be making an appearance (as Toyman) before long, leaving the younger Schott's destiny very much up to him to choose. A big, Season 3 twist though, anyone?

The big question now, then?

What do you reckon?

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