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Adam Warlock is a character that many have tipped to make his way into the MCU through phase 3. This is mainly due to Warlock's major role in the Infinity Gauntlet storyline in the comic books and rumours of

seeking casting for his alter ego Magus for Infinity War.

Who is Adam Warlock?

Adam Warlock is a cosmic being, originally known as "him". He is generally regarded as one of, if not the biggest adversary to Thanos, the villain of Avengers 3. Warlock has a lot of powers: Energy Projection, Flight, Speed, Strength. He is commonly associated with the Soul Gem, spending much time trapped inside. Warlock has previously appeared in "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" and "Superhero Squad Show".

The following is my account of what Adam Warlock's been up to and how he can fit into the universe.

The Warlock Story, Pre 2000

Years ago, Thanos once tried to assemble the Infinity Guantlet. He had started to assemble some of the infinity stones. Unfortunately for him, Morag's tide had not retreated, and the Aether and Tesseract were lost on Asgard and Earth respectively. However, Thanos gained the mind stone, and the time stone by himself. He then came to the other side of the galaxy to find Adam Warlock, the custodian of the Soul Gem. Thanos tried to buy the gem off Warlock. Warlock fought back, the two had a fight. However Warlock was far more experienced with his gem and was able to cripple Thanos. However, before Warlock could kill Thanos, Starfox, the brother of the mad Titan arrived, following his brother. He begged Warlock to spare Thanos' life.

The pair imprisoned Thanos and set off to scatter the remaining gems. Warlock decided to entrust the time stone to a powerful sorcerer on Terra. The Ancient One. Warlock gave the sorcerer the Time Gem. He then returned to Starfox' spacecraft. However, upon return he discovered that Thanos had escaped and killed his brother. Thanos surprised Warlock with the mind stone (Loki's Scepter) and Warlock crashed to earth, wounded and nearly killed.

Warlock (still in possession of the Soul Gem) is nearly killed. He is eventually found by a young Woman, Merideth Quill. Quill helped to heal Warlock but it was clear that his wounds were fatal. However, Warlock felt the presence of the Space Gem, the Tesseract. He decided that he had to flee to avoid having too many Infinity Gems in one place. When he was about to leave, he was hit by a bombshell, Meredith Quill was pregnant with his child. However, he was dying a slow death and had to leave. He took to the oceans, following the calling of the Space Gem. He used this Gem to teleport out of the Galaxy. He had no allies left, no friends. However he did have an old acquaintance, an old friend who had turned to crime, but an old friend nonetheless. Yondu Udonta.

Warlock arrived at the home of Yondu. The two had an argument but Warlock was too weak. Yondu still agreed to pick up Quill's son and to bring Quill to him when he was of age. Warlock, finally running out of strength became encased in a cocoon, in order to keep himself alive. However, in a state of panic and a lack of options, Yondu sold Warlock's cocoon to Tanaleer Tivan, the Collector.

Warlock's Awakening

Warlock's Cocoon in Thor: The Dark World
Warlock's Cocoon in Thor: The Dark World

When Carina grabbed dat Gem in Guardians of the Galaxy it was certainly bad news for the titular team. Especially when Ronan the Accuser turned up. However, it is known from Thor: The Dark World that Warlock's cocoon is in the collector's possession. Some have even said that the cocoon is seen behind Howard the Duck in the post credits scene of GOTG, open. I personally haven't spotted that but I do believe that is what's happened.

Warlock was freed, however his healing process was not fully completed, we is still recovering from his serious injuries. He flees to his old home, to finish his recovery. However he is spotted at a space port by a Thanos underling.

In GOTG 2 Thanos or at least one of his allies will be on the hunt for Adam Warlock, pursued by the Guardians of the Galaxy. In the climax of the film Warlock and Peter Quill will meet. With Warlock joining forces with the guardians of the galaxy to win the day. Warlock realises that Thanos is closer than ever to gaining the power of the Infinity Guantlet and that he is too weak to stop him.

Thor Ragnarok is only a couple of months after GOTG 2, and whilst Warlock will not be in this it is key that Thanos, Loki and Surtur are all linked. I'm going to say that Thanos releases Surtur as punishment for Loki losing the Mind Stone in the invasion of Earth (The Avengers), a mission which was meant to end with Loki returning both the Mind Stone and the Tesseract to Thanos. So with Asgard fallen Warlock (in the Ragnarok post credits) tries to discover what is the deal with another of the Infinity Stones, the one entrusted to the Ancient One. However, he discovers that the Ancient One has been murdered, but begins Telepathic communications with the new Sorcerer Supreme, Stephen Strange.

The beginning of the Infinity War

At the start of Infinity War, Thanos is coming to attack Warlock and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Warlock and Dr Strange combine their powers to teleport Earth's Mightiest Heroes to help the Guardians of the Galaxy to defend the Soul Gem. Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man and a few more (specifically not those who have movies in between the two parts, Ant Man, Captain Marvel and Black Panther).

So there it is, my Theory on how Adam Warlock fits into the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe and what he's been doing for the past few decades.

What do you think about Adam Warlock's role in the MCU? Who would you cast as the Cosmic Hero? Let me know your thoughts below

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