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Varia Fedko-Blake

We can all rest in peace now because it appears that the most amazing thing is happening very soon -- two of the world's most famous hip-thrusters are joining forces in the most epic lip-sync battle anyone has ever seen.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, goddess Beyoncé and Magic Mike XXL stripping extraordinaire Channing Tanning are going head-to-head on Spike TV's Lip Sync Battle in 2016, all according to Entertainment Weekly.

And although we know Queen B is bound to blow us away with her banging performance, something tells me Channing is going to be better than people expect. Because c'mon, if these moves don't prove it, I don't know what does:

With their performances, Bey and Tatum will be joining an array of stars who have already given it their all battling it out on Lip Sync Battle. Yet, the question remains, will they be able to beat the whopping hit that was Anne Hathaway's impression of Miley Cyrus?

Only time will tell!



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