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***Spoilers ahead if you haven't watched Season 2 of The Walking Dead***

The Walking Dead is not a show for those who fear death. With a zombie outbreak, walkers as far as the eye can see, and different camps competing for survival, any humans left in the world are pretty much living on borrowed time.

That being said, there are some deaths that hit harder than others. In the mid-season finale of Season 2, the group was faced with having to kill one of their own: Sophia.

Finding Sophia in the barn was, without a doubt, one of the most pivotal scenes in the show's history. In case you've forgotten just how heart-wrenching this death was, watch the video below:

Although we might remember her more now as a walker, when we first met Sophia back in Season 1 she was still an adorable little kid, playing with dolls and making fast friends with the other survivors.

The 11-year-old actress who played Sophia, Madison Lintz, managed to perfectly capture a sense of innocence left within this post-apocalyptic world, only to have it stolen away the next season. If you're a huge TWD fan like me, you might be wondering what she's been up to since and perhaps what she'd look like had she not perished from a zombie bite.

Even though it's only been a few seasons since we last saw Sophia in the world of The Walking Dead, Madison Lintz has gone from one of the group's youngest members to a gorgeous young woman, who apparently has escaped the curse of an awkward puberty.

Since The Walking Dead, Lintz has worked on movies and shows like Parental Guidance and the Amazon Prime show Bosch.

Even with her TWD fame, she seems like a pretty normal 16-year-old - with incredibly strong eyebrow game - who loves hanging out with her friends, One Direction, Harry Potter, and Norman Reedus (duh).

For most people, puberty is an awkward stage that we all try to forget, but for Madison Lintz, it looks like having a stint in the world of walkers did a world of good!

(Source: Madison Lintz / Instagram)


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