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*Major, utterly devastating The Walking Dead spoilers below*

With the Jon Snow Effect™ playing a key role in a lot of discussions people are having about how beloved TWD character Glenn might not be dead, I'm going to come with the real, admittedly difficult to cope with, facts. These are four reasons Glenn is probably dead, and how the only way we might see him going forward is as a walker (but how that is also fairly unlikely too, as you'll see).

So without further ado, take a look at the brutal truth that Glenn is dead and gone.

1. He fell into a horde of walkers

The first obvious fact is that Glenn fell into a horde of walkers, and whether you like it or not, it's pretty much impossible to come back from that.

2. 'Thank You' was the chaotically proper send-off episode, with the titular phrase uttered right as Glenn was sent to his permanent death

They made a big deal about this episode, titling it with a line of dialogue ("thank you") uttered by Nicholas before he clearly commits suicide and somewhat checks out right before Glenn is attacked and bombarded by walkers. The "thank you" felt even more like a breaking of the fourth wall than just a word between two survivors.

3. The show's integrity is at stake if they allow Glenn to survive

This one is a little harsh, but I honestly believe the show can't play favorites and keep Glenn alive on a technicality like so many of his fans want them to. It would almost be unfair to the other cast members who suffered similarly gruesome and devastating fates to let him survive because he's "special."

4. Rick and Maggie have already buried Glenn in the comic book storyline

The rumors of Glenn's death in Season 6 started swirling long before the premiere on October 11th. He had already died in the comics and was buried by the two who you would expect him to be buried by: Rick and Maggie.

The ray of hope for Glenn fans is this message from writer Scott M. Gimple

While all of these signs point to no more Glenn, here is what producer Scott M. Gimple cryptically said about Glenn's death:

“In some way we will see Glenn again.”

A ghost, a walker, a hallucination, a flashback... these things are all possible. So don't give up hope of Steven Yeun re-emerging in some way other than in flesh and blood.

Steven Yeun didn't show up on The Talking Dead, which kind of means the likelihood of a revival of the former pizza boy is a distinct possibility. It's become commonplace for important characters who are killed off to show up on the show. I predict that Steven Yeun might not be done, but Glenn is. And the sooner you and I can get to accepting that, the better.

Check out this sneak peek from the next episode:

(Via: WSJ)


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