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It's official: Steven Universe is going on hiatus until 2016, leaving fans wanting more after tantalising hints in Too Far. It's difficult to predict what will happen next: as the Crystal Gems continue in their plan to drill down to the Cluster, what perils and pitfalls will they face?

With 27 episodes left until the end of Steven Universe season 2, we're definitely going to see a lot of character progression stories before the final showdown. So what can we expect from season 2 after the hiatus? This fan theory about Yellow Diamond could hold the key to the season 2 finale!

Yellow Diamond's Arrival

Yellow Diamond is in command of Jasper and Peridot, and seems to be in charge of Homeworld's Cluster plans. She was revealed in the extended theme, as you can see below...

The antagonists of Steven Universe
The antagonists of Steven Universe

And it's very likely she'll be arriving on Earth soon, thanks to Peridot's distress call to her in Cry For Help.

"This is Peridot, transmitting on all frequencies from abandoned crystal system colony planet Earth. To Yellow Diamond, my mission has been compromised, my escort and informant are gone, and I am now stranded! Please send help!"

We don't know whether her message got through or not, but without updates about the mission, Yellow Diamond will probably come to check up on the Cluster herself, and her arrival on Earth will no doubt kick off a lot of the action in the final arc of season 2.

So far, Yellow Diamond has been a very mysterious figure in Steven Universe, but we actually know more about her than you'd expect! And she might just be seeking revenge for her co-rulers' deaths...

The Diamond Authority

The Steven Universe creative team are brilliant at foreshadowing, dropping plenty of hints that slowly solve the puzzle of the Crystal Gems' backstory. The recent episodes of season 2 have spilled a lot of secrets, but there's still a lot to learn from the carefully concealed clues. And the Diamond Authority is one of the biggest reveals of them all!

"Polymorphic sentient rocks! They're here to hollow out the Earth! It's a part of the Great Diamond Authority..."

First hinted at by Ronaldo back in Keep Beach City Weird, the Diamond Authority seems to be Homeworld's rulers... or at least they used to be. There have been plenty of hints hidden throughout the show about the Diamonds, and thanks to the fanbase we can start to piece together the story!

The theory states that the Diamond Authority is a trio of three Gems: Yellow, White, and Blue Diamond. We have quite a lot of evidence for this: like this mural depicting Rose in the Gem War...

Rose Quartz in the Gem War
Rose Quartz in the Gem War

Rose seems to be battling Blue Diamond, with Yellow Diamond depicted to the right and White Diamond to the left. The colours are faded, but they do seem to match up to the Diamond symbols as shown on the floor of Jasper's ship...

Diamond Authority Trio
Diamond Authority Trio

So far so good: the Diamonds are probably the rulers of Homeworld. But if they're so powerful, why did they leave Earth alone in the first place? Well, if this theory is correct, Rose actually defeated two of the Diamonds, forcing Yellow Diamond to defeat!

Rose's Victory

It's likely that we already caught a glimpse of White Diamond, way back in the season 1 episode Serious Steven. In an attempt to prove his ability to go on missions, Steven infiltrates a mysterious and baffling temple, which is hiding a very powerful Gem...

White Diamond revealed in season 1
White Diamond revealed in season 1

This certainly seems to be White Diamond, especially if you compare the position of the hands around the Gem to White Diamond's pose in the mural. Fans have theorised that this temple was built by White Diamond's followers to protect her as she regenerated (you can read about this in more detail here!) Other fans have theorised that Blue Diamond was also eventually defeated by Rose at the end of the war. Although the evidence for this is fairly minimal, it seems very likely, which would make Yellow Diamond the last remaining Gem of the Diamond Authority trio.

So what does all this mean? Well, backstory always plays a large role in the Steven Universe story, so the defeat of White and Blue Diamond will definitely become significant later on, especially when Yellow Diamond returns.

We've probably got a few lighthearted episodes to go before the big showdown between the Crystal Gems and Yellow Diamond. Peridot might become fully integrated into the group, and there are definitely plenty more revelations to come before the Crystal Gems reach the Cluster. But if this fan theory is true, then this might hold the key to Yellow Diamond's arrival on Earth... the Crystal Gems are sure to face their biggest challenge yet!

[To find out more on these theories, visit dragoplateau and king-leonardo on Tumblr!]

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