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Interstellar was Nolan's latest film after TDKR - it had a budget of over 200 million USD and grossed over 1 billion! And that's how the trilogy drew to an end. 2 years later Interstellar hit the screens. This time it has a budget of 165 million, grossing over half a billion; remember though the TDKR had the TDK and Batman Begins to back the hype up, whereas Interstellar was a thriller. As a hyper nerd I absolutely adore it. In my opinion it is somehow better than TDK / TDKR. Keep in mind that the TDK was rated 6th best movie of all [email protected] time! TDK genuinely taught me about ethics and a side of philosophy I had never seen before, the same goes for Rises. But Interstellar just blew me away. I particularly loved the fantastic physics. I enjoyed the spectacular sights and story. I adored the marvellous music. When walking out the cinema I had a nerdgasm. But then Martian came. Again with Matt Damon, but this time a little closer to home. Only 34 million miles away this time. Mars. Interstellar was heavily leaning to Astro Physics. Although, Martian does have small aspects of the Physics (not specifically Astro) but is more focuses on Biology. Clearly character development was also more present in the film. But both are sci fi, both are human survival movies, and both were great movies. But which one was better?


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