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If those who have been living under a rock for the last few months: Yokai Watch is a new phenomenon that is sweeping Japan. But does it stand up to American viewpoints? Maybe my review will clear the franchise up. The Yokai watch franchise hosts a strange concept: catching ghosts with watches. Weird, huh? But Japan thinks otherwise. The franchise is booming over there. Lunch boxes, cereal, clothes, toys, video games, tv shows, movies, school supplies, you name it, there is probably a yokai watch themed version. Now the creators of the franchise are hoping to bring it over to the States. They are starting with an english dub of the tv series ( which is airing right now on Disney XD). They are also releasing the first video game in english for the 3DS. There is even a 2DS bundle with the game. Seems like Nintendo, the publisher for Yokai Watch, really wants this series advertised.

The central premise of the TV show follows a boy named Keita ( Nate in English versions) as he uses the titular Yokai Watch to battle pesky Yokai ( think of them as ghosts) that are causing trouble in his town. This is a pretty new and strange concept. I can only think of one other franchise with watches as its main plot point ( Ben 10 anyone?). Most of the Yokai look pretty good but the rest look strange looking. That is because Yokai are based on Japanese folklore about invisible spirits that caused trouble. And some of those spirits look downright ugly/terrifying. I am not sure if this franchise will be very popular in the U.S. as the monsters don't look as recognizable as, say, the Pokemon monsters. But who knows? Maybe this franchise will overcome the odds and become the new Pokemon.


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