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The comics get pretty crazy but I think Ricks the only A list actor who can carry the show if they kill off Rick, Carol, or Daryl people will lose interest but they don't have a problem killing off the main supporting cast when Glenn was supposedly ripped apart last night or was it Nicholas and Glenn slid under the dumpster the creators said he would return but probably as a walker which Maggie's held it together after her family has been eaten or murdered Glenns really all she had left heard she may possibly be pregnant but do we really need another baby in the mix of things? Rick, Maggie, or Daryl will probably find Walker Glenn and Maggie will break down so Rick will have to be the one who gives him the knife thru the brain but after that occurs unless Andrew Lincoln who doesn't take the time to do movies which im sure he's been offered plenty and a truckload of money to go with it decides to leave we could see crazy Rick for 2 or 3 more seasons until he gets tired of the shows creators slowly and creatively killing off his friends who after 6 years living close by and working together every day starts to make him think he might as well be starring in big budget films where the same thing occurs but you don't have time to make and forge those long lasting friendships. But for fans worried about Rick starting to get trigger happy what about Shane he understood the rules when everyone was still inexperienced and I actually wouldn't have minded them not killing him off similar to morgan if your worried about Rick think how high the body count woulda been with Rick and Shane like the latter preached to deaf ears it only took the originals about 4 seasons to let it all sink in but don't hate on Rick if you made it through Terminus alive after almost dying countless times and still protecting his family and last point if you live in a world where you had to bite the head claimers jugular out with your bare teeth Rick is how he is so he can survive and its amazing how 6 years or longer struggling everyday of the undead walking the earth not to mention the remaining survivors most of whom are psychopaths would to me seem like shooting every mother *ucker that crossed my groups path pardon my french Carl will probably die before Rick and he won't be able to give up because of Judith I think TWD is Ricks(Andrews) legacy for years to come I don't see anyshow keeping up the suspense constantly like TWD has you never know what to expect I always hoped Rick and the remaining survivors take refuge to an island on a lake after about 4 more seasons on chaos and pandemonium where it flashes forward to where hes an old man and passed all of his skills down to Judith because the walkers stay the same but the human survivors become even more desperate and unpredictable the people who survived over half are cannibals, theives, or murderers im not sure where Daryl will fit in if he's allowed to live but I hope Rick stays until the end but he's missing out on alotta good film roles and a lot of $$$$$ im amazed by his acting skills and ability to transform into Rick Grimes on demand if he's not or the only original 3 left excluding Carl are not making like 8,000,000 an episode It would be hard to stay unless a part of Andrew is instilled in Rick and wants to see this through. Even with only like 2 cheesy movie credits Ricks changed and without him I think the show would lose that character depth Rick brings them together and he makes you belive he's okay whatever fixes his hand. CRAZY RICK STAY CRAZY


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