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The anti-Scientology documentary Going Clear featured many former Scientologists, as well as experts on the field and it definitely attracted even more attention to the strange religion. Without passing too much judgment, the documentary does highlight some of the cult-like aspects of what it represents.

There have also been a lot of Scientologists who have jumped off the bandwagon for other reasons recently. But, don't get it twisted. These ten high-profile Scientologists are still at it. And very much devout when it comes to their beliefs.

1. Tom Cruise

Even though Tom Cruise has been slightly more disillusioned with the Church of Scientology, he remains arguably the most prominent member. He's been extremely public with his beliefs since the beginning and continues to worship and abide by the rules of the religion.

2. John Travolta

I was just watching Pulp Fiction again last weekend, and it really made me think about how a young strapping Hollywood actor like Travolta would become a "lifer" of sorts in the Scientology arena. He's definitely one of the more well-known Scientologists and has been a member since 1975. His wife, Kelly Preston, is a Scientologist as well.

3. Jason Lee

The My Name is Earl star recently had to file for divorce after his Scientology beliefs caused a rift in his relationship with his wife.

4. Beck

Not only did Beck win Album of the Year at the Grammys (much to the dismay of Kanye West), but he's also a Scientologist who says his father has been a member of the church for over 30 years. I actually didn't realize this before now!

5. Elisabeth Moss

Who knew Peggy from Mad Men was a stark Scientology practitioner? Elisabeth Moss has defended the Church many times in interviews, calling some of its haters "misinformed."

6. Danny Masterson

Danny Masterson, of That '70s Show fame, had this to say about Going Clear. Whether or not you agree with him or his religion, it's certainly a relatively legitimate point that he makes:

"I wonder if Sundance would allow a documentary of, like, eight people who hate Judaism?"

7. Juliette Lewis

Juliette Lewis infamously had that interview with Matt Lauer in which she defended her religion's beliefs on psychiatry.

8. Giovanni Ribisi

Unlike a few of these celebrities, this Avatar star actually grew up in the Scientology church. Rather than adopting its religious beliefs later in life, he was indoctrinated with them from the beginning.

10. Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley called former member of the church, Leah Remini a "bigot" for blasting Scientology.

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