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Whether I am ten pounds overweight preparing to give birth to burrito twins, or fit as a fiddle and eating clean and healthy, I am learning to love my body regardless of how it looks.

Some of my major inspirations come from celebrities who have struggled with their weight their entire lives, but have made the necessary steps to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I may not understand their experience directly, but I am ecstatic when I see my favorite stars radiantly happy and healthy.

Regardless of how they look, slightly bigger or slightly smaller, these celebrities motivate me to be the healthiest I can be.

1. John Goodman

Goodman admits that at his heaviest, he was pushing 400 pounds. He first cut out sugar and alcohol from his diet, and began to work out six days a week. Just look at him rocking that suit at the Trumbo premiere in London! He looks so slick!

2. Melissa McCarthy

With just a few small lifestyle changes, McCarthy set a goal to lose the bit of extra weight to set a better example for her children. She isn't obsessed with dieting, but she wanted to focus on being healthy as she plans to be an active grandmother as well. This lady is even creating her own plus size clothing line, which I'm sure will look stunning.

3. Jennifer Hudson

After her son was born, Hudson felt she needed to focus on having a healthier lifestyle. She became a Weight Watchers spokesperson and had lost up to 80 pounds in 2010, going from dress size 16 to 6! She's also inspired around 75 friends and family to make health a priority. She's such a positive and encouraging influence!

4. Christina Aguilera

Dealing with a divorce must be stressful, and it seemed that she had put on a few pounds which caused the media to say some incredibly hurtful comments. Instead of focusing on the hate, this soulful singer simply changed habits, focused on her health, and slimmed down. She looked beautiful before, and she looks beautiful now.

5. Kelly Osbourne

Osbourne struggled with addiction and attended rehab seven times. After getting her health on track, this fashionista has lost 70 pounds by completely revamping her eating routine. She learned about proper diet and nutrition when she appeared on Dancing With the Stars. Being engaged to vegan chef Matthew Mosshart can't hurt either.

6. Jonah Hill

With the intent to be taken as a more serious actor, Hill decided to shed pounds. He claimed to eat a lot of Japanese food, which consists of a lot of vegetables, and shed a fantastic 40 pounds. I suppose this plan worked, as he was nominated for an Oscar for the film Moneyball.

7. Alec Baldwin

Known for his role as Jack Donaghy in 30 Rock, Alec Baldwin has his wife Hilaria to thank for his slimmer figure. Being a yoga teacher, she helped him cut sugar from his diet. He began exercising in spin and Pilates classes. He looks seven younger now!

If you've been feeling discouraged from adopting a healthier diet and exercising, it is completely understandable. But don't worry, as you aren't the only one. Even the tiniest of steps can make the biggest difference.

These celebs show us just how human they are. If they can do it, then so can we!

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