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Jim Sotcheff
Dc Trinity.
Dc Trinity.

This should have happened years ago. Dc and HBO have been part of the same company for a long time.Why haven't any of the Execs from either company tried? They could have built the entire Dc universe on HBO and then done the Justice League Movies ,Worlds Finest and even "Trinity". Once again business and or Politics shy away from common sense. don't get me wrong I trust Zack Snyder,but just think of how much easier Batman v Superman would have been to make if all the Characters were already established? Just sitting here writing this I'm thinking of all kinds of possibilities. Imagine the Arkham Universe done in 2 hr animated movies or a weekly series. I could go on and on,but none of it happens unless one or the other picks up the phone or sends an email to the other. It would be great and the fans wouldn't have to wait so long between projects. Anyone agree?


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