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Battlefield 4 is by far and away one of the most addictive online shooters of all time. Aside from maybe Call Of Duty and Counterstrike – the Battlefield series single handedly rocked a generation.

No one does war like Battlefield; the Battlefield series is famous for delivering the realistic hard hitting reality of war to the gaming industry. Battlefield 4 is vast, immersive and it really was a game changer for the genre.

From the all-out vehicle warfare of Conquest to the frantic battles found in the all-new Obliteration mode, Battlefield 4 offers the most diverse and fun multiplayer experience yet.

Dice have an almost OCD level of detail when it comes to authenticity in every aspect in the creation of the Battlefield series. The game designers even accompany the Swedish army on live fire exercises in order to record the true sound of war, every weapon you see or hear in a Battlefield game was recorded from the actual firing of ‘that’ weapon down to the sound of the bullet impact of ‘that’ weapon.

Not only that but this was recorded within all the different environments you face within the game, from the reverberating echo of being within a vast dam to the ear splitting crack of being inside an enclosed room, it is all real.

And Now We Have Community Operations

Releasing a full two years after the game’s initial debut, the community operations DLC becomes available today. This download pack is a culmination of the Battlefield communities long and hard work, the premise was simple – to create the ultimate Battlefield experience, made by the fans for the fans.

Oh, and it’s completely free!

DICE involved the BF4 community in the creation of map Operation Outbreak by asking a series of questions via polls. The result was a medium-sized, indigenous type map, full of tree and swamps that players could in effect blow to S***!

And, boy did they deliver, check out the trailer.

The community op now officially goes by the name, Operation Outbreak and as well as being a brutal multiplayer map, it also has a campaign story to it. The story that comes with the op centres around ill tempered, mutated monkeys.

No, I am not joking. The monkeys were being tested in a nearby medical facility and have escaped. In order to stop some sort of potential uprising culminating in a big stand off on a bridge, the governments of the US, Russia and China have been forced to act fast.

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