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Season 2 of the Flash just started and everyone is trying to solve the mystery of Zoom. Who is he? Many theories have popped up lately, some good some bad, and some just weird. I actual heard a theory that Zoom was earth 2 Nora Allen. But I wont be discussing this because its ridiculous, but I will be discussing the most likely suspects hiding under the mask of Zoom.

1. Harrison Wells (Earth-2)

Well not an original pick for Zoom but it could happen. The theory is very simple, the alternate version of Wells becomes Zoom. While its a good pick its not likely to happen. Tom Cavanagh already plays the Reverse Flash and adding Zoom to his already confusion list of characters he plays on the show would be confusing. But , with the recent return of wells to earth-1 at the end of the last episode has fans speculating. He might not be Zoom but he could be an other villain. What his motives are remain to be seen but its not likely to be Wells under the mask of Zoom.

2. Eddie Thawne

Now he is supposed to be dead, after all he killed himself. But its a possibility that Zoom could be Eddie. Eddie has a lot of similarities with Hunter Zolomon. In the comics Zolomon is Zoom. Both Eddie and Zoom were once friends of The Flash and both either died or got hurt before getting speedforce powers. Now we don't know if Eddie is Zoom but its very possible. After all his body went through the singularity. Now if Zoom is Eddie it could lead to a fun dynamic between Eddie an Iris. Where both Flash and Zoom fight for her. In any case its a low chance that Eddie is Zoom.

3. Hunter Zolomon

Well while were talking about Hunter Zolomon. There is a very good chance the original identity Zoom from the comics is the one used in the show. It would make sense as the Reverse Flash was Eobard Thawne in the comics and the show. They could very well do the same with Zoom. Also the fact that they are bringing Wally West on the show is a strong hint. After all Zoom is Wally West's main rival as the Flash. This could also set up a flash back episode were on earth 2 we see Hunter Zolomon get hurt in a Gorilla Grodd attack as he did in the comics. This would be a great choice because its all done in the comics just waiting to happen on Tv. I would not surprised me if Zolomon was revealed to be Zoom.

4: Barry Allen (earth 2)

Now for my favorite theory. A lot of people thought Henry Allen from earth 2 could be Zoom. Now its not a bad theory but its very far fetched. This on the other hand its just waiting to happen. Barry Allen on earth 2 is the best swerve in my mind. It could be set up as follows. On earth 2 Barry witness both his parents murdered by the impossible. He is an orphan ( In the last episode Barry told joe i turned out like i am because of you) and not adopted by Joe. Never having someone Barry goes some what insane in search of who ever killed his parents. He would eventually get speedforce powers. He comes to the conclusion that who ever killed his parents also had speedforce powers. Thus he goes after every speedster he can until he finds who he killed his parents . Now as mentioned Barry himself told Joe he would have turned out differently if it was not for Joe . Could they have hinted at Zoom is alternate Barry. I think so, Its a big yet subtle hint. But nothing is for sure yet.

What do you think? Who Is Zoom?


Zoom who are you?


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