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Nathaniel Rego

As of 2013, Dead Island, formally from LionsGates, but still affiliated with Disney, was going to crawl and swarm the big screen in summer 2014 but was postponed to December of this year only to be postponed to another release date. The movie Dead Island is based on the hit video game series of the same name and stars Jennette McCurdy (Sam and Cat), Sarah Hyland (Modern Family), Ariel Winter (Modern Family), Rihanna (Battleship), Karan Brar (JESSIE, Bunked), and Ashley Tisdale (Scary Movie 5, High School Musical Trilogy, The). There's 1 main Dead Island game, 2 spinoff games, Dead Island: Escape and Dead Island: Riptide, 1 anticipated sequel, Dead Island 2, and 1 future movie from Walt Disney Pictures. Dead Island 2 bites its way into gaming systems as of 2016, while Dead Island sinks its own movie teeth into the big screen soon, directed by Marc Foster (World War Z).

Dead Island is about 4 spring break girls who solely travel to the island of Banoi where they have to team up with 2 young sole survivors of an island wide zombie outbreak. Karan Brar threatens to bring hell to earth via zombie pandemic worldwide as the villainous self centered teenage Ryder White in the upcoming film, Dead Island.


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