ByMichelle Siouty, writer at

Warner Bros.'s The Conjuring follows the real-life story of the Perron family who began to experience horrible ghostly encounters after moving into a Rhode Island dilapidated farm house.

The owners of the actual house that the film is based on blame the film for their very real horrors.

Norma Sutcliffe and her husband feel their Rhode Island home has been made into a "mockery," garnering the attention of unwanted trespassers. Sutcliffe has uploaded videos online showing their lack of peace and privacy.

The film house vs. the real Perron house
The film house vs. the real Perron house

Sutcliffe also relays that she's posted signs to keep people away, but trespassers disregard these signs and still come onto the property. The couple is hoping to be given money for unspecified damages to the property.

While it isn't fair for Sutcliffe and her husband to receive so many trespassers on their property, much less unwanted attention, I feel that purchasing a house that has already been stamped as a landmark isn't the way to go if you want to live peacefully and quietly.

It might be time to move, Sutcliffes.



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