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Why six? Well, a trailer for a new Adam Sandler movie just dropped, titled The Ridiculous 6. I wonder what the word ridiculous references, ridiculously bad? Well no matter the quality of Sandler's next project, I give you the 6 of the ridiculous (see what I did there?) Instagram accounts you need to follow in order to feast your eyes on what the best cinematographers of today do in their pastime.

Let's start off with the chosen one, he's been on a roll lately, won back to back Oscars and looks like he's gunning for a hat-trick.

Emmanuel Lubezski

Known for filming Birdman and Gravity among other projects. Recently he's been posting a series titled 'Faces of R' the 'R' no doubt meaning the upcoming film he shot. The Revenant.

Whereas there's no taking away that this man is one of cinema's most valued treasures, I must say I'm not the biggest fan of his work, I do however acknowledge the brilliance of it.

Lubezski's work turns me off for one and one reason only, it gives away the notion that a camera is being used, all those long shots give away the fact that is more theater than cinema. Nothing wrong with that of course, just not my cup of iced tea.

Matthew Libatique

Recently shot Straight Outta Compton, Libatique's work is rather kinetic and very hinged on movement. His Instagram is full of cool looking shots such as the one above and is a mixture of life on set and the set up of scenes.

Darren Aronofsky's go to guy as well, when he's available. He shot Black Swan and Requiem for A Dream. But, his standout work for me is Iron Man of 2008, the stunning cinematography and lighting in the opening phases of the film, basically everything in the cave is out of this world.

Rob Hardy

You saw Ex Machina right? Did you like Ex Machina and it's muted colors? Well go on ahead and follow Rob Hardy. He is an anomaly, when it comes to his work, very unique. His shots are jame packed with color, yet they're faded out quite a bit, it shouldn't work, but it does oh so well.

His Instagram is pretty abstract as well. Hipsters. Go follow now!

Reed Morano

By the looks of it, she's filming the new HBO series named Vinyl. Her Instagram is rather normal compared to the rest of the blokes.

She is known for her eerie and creepy shot composition.

Phedon Papamichael

Phedon Papamichael, not only is one the best cinematographers today, but he also wins 'the coolest name' award. Seriously, Papamichael? Pretty badass.

Known for filming 3:10 to Yuma and the heinously underrated Nebraska. Shot in beautiful Black and White, because the director Alexander Payne simply wanted to. Seriously, see Nebraska as soon as you can.

Shane Hurlbut

Sadly known for the rant Christian Bale spouted upon him. Hurlbut is on of the elite when it comes the cinematography, he's a bit cooler than everyone I mentioned up there. He actively chooses to share his knowledge with the world, and even teaches classes on cinematography.

Also known for filming an entire film on a DSLR. Act of Valor a 2012 war film was filmed entirely on a Canon 5D Mark ii. Crazy.

I hope you enjoyed this article fellow co-pilots.

Which Cinematographer's Instagram account is your favorite?

Sadly, my favorite cinematographer of all time, Roger Deakins doesn't have an Instagram.

Thanks for reading, and remember to love yourselves.


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