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(Warning: spoilers for CW series The Flash lie below. Be careful. Or ignorant. Or both.)

If you’re anything like me, you’ll know just what it’s like to belong to a fandom that is seemingly dominating movie culture right now. The superhero fandom is currently a force to be reckoned with. Within that fandom, however, there is a fandom for DC, and within that a fandom for a large contributor to the overwhelming presence of superheros in today’s society – CW’s The Flash.

Recently, this show began its already well-viewed second season. Many are already hailing it as a worthy successor of its first series. It’s currently the highest-rated of all CW TV shows – meaning it beats its counterpart show, Arrow.

It's okay, Ollie...
It's okay, Ollie...

Fortunately, there are many who reckon that this show is only due to get better – and here are four reasons why.


A large cause for controversy in the recent first couple of episodes has been a case of secret identity – namely, that of the “big bad” for this series, Professor Zoom’s. So far, we’ve seen Zoom defeat the Flash of an alternate universe, travel between dimensions, and produce villains for good ol’ Barry Allen at a nearly unheard of rate.

It will be, no doubt, be a large cause for concern among Flash and his associates who the heck this blue speedster is. In fact, it already is. He doesn’t exactly exist in the comics, seeing as the printed version of ‘Proffessor Zoom’ is the same person as The Reverse Flash – last season’s bad guy…

This guy.
This guy.

So it’s all left to guesswork, really. The answer isn’t on paper, and the answer sure as hell isn’t on our TV screens. So the best we can do is assume.

That being said, it’s probably Jason Todd.


One thing that fans are already seeing unfold on their screens is the awesome Vibe sub-plot, which will no doubt run at least until the mid-season finale. Our friendly neighbourhood Cisco Ramone is set to become an immensely powerful metahuman, with the ability to send shockwaves and forces through the air. Cool stuff, huh?

Not only that, but it looks like we’ll get a Vibe with even more powers than the comic book version, as Mr. Ramone here is already showing superhuman abilities by being able to look into the near past. Either way, it’s sure to be an interesting and detailed substory which will definitely add to The Flash‘s already-great ratings.

Well-Behaved Harrison Wells

It’s no question that one of the best actors on the show is the talented Tom Cavanagh, a.k.a. the previously evil Harrison Wells. In the first season, Harrison Wells and his wife were murdered, and his body was stolen by a villain by the name of Eobard Thawne, known commonly as The Reverse Flash.

The good news this season is that, despite his evil incarnation being defeated at the end of Season One, he’ll be back as the truly good Harrison Wells from other universe this time around. As subplots go, it seems as though this show really has them figured out. Although Barry and the nice Harrison haven’t met yet, it will certainly eventually add another really interesting storyline to the show.

New Villains

As awesome as last season was, it’s no secret that its roster of mini-villains was somewhat underwhelming. We had some that looked great in the comics as well as on screen, but there were others who simply didn’t do their paper-based counterparts justice. This time, it seems as though the bulk of the show will be stocked with Earth 2 villains, used to going toe to toe with speedster Jay Garrick.

This dude.
This dude.

Luckily, these villains aren’t so well-covered in the books, so they have a lot less expectations to live up to. That means no disappointment along loyal comic fans, and maybe even sometimes a surprisingly amazing bad guy. The list of villains per episode is being left unpredictable, so watchers are certainly all in for a surprise when each episode airs.

So there we have it – four reasons as to why Season Two of The Flash will succeed its predecessor. As always, take the poll, or leave your thoughts in the comments! Until next time :)

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