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Matt Tallon
ollaboration should move toward a Netflix series; and here's why: Spider-Man fits VERY comfortably into both areas of the MCU. While Spidey has a long list of some of Marvel's big-baddies as foes, he also has a long list of the smaller-time super criminals and general street-level hoods. Also, Peter doesn't start off as an A-List hero with the likes of Thor, Cap, Hulk, and Iron Man---he starts off as a kid. I think that his appearance in Civil War is great, and I think it is the right thing to do --- I think that if the appearance goes in the direction that I think it is, it will show how easily a young Peter can be manipulated by Mr. Stark. The bottom line for me is that Peter should make his appearance in the Majors, and that all of the Major League players know who he is and his potential, but that he needs to spend some time in the Minors before officially moving up. Not only does this make better sense to me, but I think that on the business side of things it would be a great way for Marvel and Sony to test whether or not this collaboration is going to work before committing to too many big-budget films.

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