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Halloween is literally the best time of the year! I dare anyone to dispute that claim. Okay, fine, Christmas is great, too. But Halloween is tops in my book. One of the major reasons for that is the incredible artwork I get to witness from fans all over the world. There really are some severely under-appreciated and unnoticed, super talented people out there. I'd like to use this post to recognize some of the pieces that have really blown me away.

Drag Me to Paint Night!

These pieces come from a pair of sisters from the northeast. The left was done by Hillary and the right by her sister whose Instagram page you can find here at dashuahua25. These Tim Burton inspired creations were done at a local paint night. Well done, ladies!

It's a Me, FrankenMario!

This masterpiece was crafted by the artist known as ViralJP. I have to say, I am impressed. They all look absolutely incredible and the artist didn't go too far overboard on certain areas. ;) Just adorable.

Salem Will Be Mine!

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Hocus Pocus has to be the all-time favorite Halloween classic. Nobody does it better than the Sanderson sisters. The artist known as Appiarius Draws crafted this work by unveiling if she could be a witch, she would definitely be Winifred! Good pick.

A Dream Worth Dying For...

How could I miss the piece? It's perfection. I love every inch of it. If I could, I would frame it right now and hang it above the fireplace. If only I had a fireplace.... Big thanks go out to my-magic-dream over at Tumblr for this fantastic work of art. I hope we get to see much more from you in the future!

Why Not? They Come in My Size, Too!

People know how much I love Mario. Anyone who really knows me though, knows how much I love Princess Peach. Hey, we all have our thing. For you ladies, it's Bradley Cooper and Chris Pratt. For me, it's Princess Peach. I don't care what people say, she's hot. This adorable picture was created by the artist known as Skeletune.

I'm Back, Bitches. And Damn Do I Look Good.

This Ash vs. The Evil Dead poster was created by Ralf Krause and is absolutely stunning. Considering the show premieres on Halloween night, I'd say this was the perfect time to bust out some fantastic artwork dedicated to everyone's favorite comical deadite slayer.

Now and Forever...

Nostalgia. Gorgeous and beautiful nostalgia. I can't wait to bust out my Blu-ray of The Nightmare Before Christmas. It's such an amazing film and this is such an amazing piece of art, I couldn't help but share it with the world. Thanks very much to the artist, Joyceline Furniss.


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