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If you are a kid of the '90s and a lover of all things gaming, chances are you were introduced to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and played it nonstop throughout your childhood. Let's be honest, you probably also played it again a little bit through college for the sake of nostalgia.

While some people's N64s are sadly collecting dust in their closets, YouTuber and civil engineer Drew (Runnerguy2489), has been playing Ocarina of Time regularly and perfecting his craft.

Drew has been showing off his incredible gaming skills live on Twitch to millions of viewers, accomplishing plenty of feats along the way. But what he recently succeeded in doing is pretty outstanding.

Runnerguy2489 / Twitch
Runnerguy2489 / Twitch

Any old gamer could beat Ocarina of Time, no problem, but Drew has taken things to the next level by beating the entire game while blindfolded. Yes, blindfolded.

We're talking all of the temples and all of the bosses, sans vision.

Like a real-life(ish) Daredevil, Drew has played the game so many times that he has the recipe for success, with every glitch and strategy, down to a science.

It may have taken him 103 hours and over a year to actually finish the game, but that seems like a pretty small price to pay when you have successfully defeated Ganon and your chat box blows up with excitement and praise.

All 103 hours of gameplay are available on YouTube in 45 parts on Drew's channel. To see him play on a live stream, be sure to visit his Twitch profile.

And Drew better start practicing...because Nintendo just released The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes for 3DS!

(Source: Runnerguy2489, YouTube)


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